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How a focal point is chosen, configured, and arranged within a layout is always an interesting process, taking into account that many times, this element arises spontaneously when adding a remarkable furniture piece, with great attraction capacity and high aesthetic value that turns out to be more striking and impressive than was previously believed. Some outstanding designs like the Noguchi table can be transformed into a focal point even after being added as a last-minute element to an area and, if it’s a spontaneous process, without any planning, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a negative thing.

The Noguchi table has what it takes to become this remarkable spot within your layout. If you’re familiar with the world of interior design and decoration, you may have heard the term “focal point” at some moment, and you understand that it’s a very important element within a compartment and decor. However, if it’s your first time hearing this concept, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to know what it’s about.

Noguchi Table
Source: Architonic

Transforming Your Noguchi Table Into The Main Star

A focal point is, nothing more and nothing less, the fraction of your layout that attracts the most attention and to which the eyes are mostly on. This point can be a certain physical object (such as a piece of furniture or a specific ornament), a piece of art on the wall, or a more abstract component within the place, such as a wide view of a flowery garden, or a well-lit corner. In this article, we’ll tell you about the amazing features that have transformed the Noguchi table into the focal point of hundreds of living rooms and other areas around the planet.

It’s relatively easy to achieve that an interesting furniture piece becomes the focal point of your layout, considering that it’s an object almost always located in a very visible spot of the living room, and if it’s a recognized and attractive design such as the Noguchi table or some other iconic piece, the task is even easier to accomplish. However, your layout may contain so many elements that it’s not so easy to make it look like the main protagonist of the area. There are some ways to make this important furniture piece stand out so that it shines in its maximum splendor and make it the center of all eyes.

Dress Up Your Noguchi Table With Decorations and Colors

Trims and accent elements are an excellent and effective resource to choose from to enhance the look of a Noguchi table. A small clay sculpture, a luxury ashtray, a small piece of art carved in marble, a nice craft that you’ve brought from an important trip are usually good strategies to add visual appeal. There are many ways to adapt your table to the particularities of the decorative style you’ve chosen and make it reflect your personality, your tastes, and the trends that best represent you. If the decorations also have bright elements such as silver and gold tones, the effect can be even more favorable, as long as these touches are compatible with the rest of the surrounding color scheme.

Noguchi Table Replica
Source: Mad For Modern

Another practically foolproof option is to add meaningful portraits in the center of your Noguchi table. Those photographs that contain really special moments with family and friends and that you’d like to share with everyone deserve a place of honor. What better setting than your magnificent Noguchi table for everyone to admire? Choose cute and original photo frames that are compatible with the rest of the decor. Do you like houseplants? A small houseplant can be a very interesting addition to your coffee table. You can choose a light and elegant pot to give the organic, natural, and fresh touch to your living room. Just make sure the plant isn’t too big and the pot is not too heavy for the tempered glass surface of your table.

Add an Intelectual Appealing Touch With Books On Your Noguchi Table

Books are not only tools of great intellectual and didactic utility; they’re also beautiful ancient objects with an intrinsic aesthetic value. Stacking two or three books that are in good condition and whose covers are artistic and with interesting colors can be the best option for you if you’re a lover of these objects and want them to be in a place of honor. The Noguchi table works as a perfect pedestal to display your books due to its clever combination of materials as recognizable as glass and wood, which gives it familiarity and warmth. Its hand-carved wooden base is made in different shades, depending on the color scheme you want to integrate it (beige, white, black, brown, and walnut are generally the most common), and it’s one of the most distinctive components of the piece.

Besides, the Noguchi table’s triangular tempered glass surface with obtuse angles adds a touch of class and enough visual appeal to make it a potential focal point in the middle of any place where it’s fixed. Its artistic value makes it a valid option for almost any current style with which you want to integrate it. Also, being such an iconic piece, you can combine it with other elements of the same style. Furniture of the Mid-Century Modern trend was innovative and revolutionary in presenting a new proposal, in line with new tendencies, lifestyles, and the way of thinking the world was gradually making its way to.

Noguchi Table Reproduction
Source: Gerosa Design

The Noguchi Table Replica Is a Good Focal Point Candidate As Well

One of the highest advantages that this celebrated work by Isamu Noguchi has as an iconic piece is that there are currently very faithful and valuable replicas that are equally acceptable to become the focal point of your decoration. A Noguchi table replica like the one Barcelona Designs manufactures, is capable of looking as good as the original product, at first sight indistinguishable, since it’s created according to the guidelines of the patented design and using first-class materials.

These are just some of the ideas that you can apply to your Noguchi table reproduction to make it look its best. Never forget that creativity and your personal touch is something that should never be lacking. Dare to make your coffee table the focal point of your living room!