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Furniture design involves creative processes that require not only technical knowledge about the particular properties of the materials to be used, a sense of geometry and knowledge of physical structures, a sense of aesthetics and the different expressive forms that can be achieved through the shapes, colors, and textures. Furniture design, especially in modern style, requires going one step further in each of these aspects, and the Noguchi table is a very valid example of innovation in multiple ways.

Noguchi Table

Breaking Schemes and Traditional Forms

In an aesthetic sense, the combination of glass with wood is always highly valued in elegant and well-kept interior designs. The Noguchi table replica uses this advantage to show the best face of its aesthetics. And these are materials that had been applied to the design of furniture and interior pieces for a long time, but from the mid-twentieth century, they gained a special prominence thanks to the rise and emergence of many designs that from then on they would become legendary and iconic of its style. In this sense, the Noguchi table is one of the most recognized pieces presented in the mid-century due to the masterful work that demonstrates its hand-carved biomorphic base that supports its tempered glass surface.

Noguchi Table

In a geometric sense, the piece defies other traditional table styles based on the four-legged structure by holding a large rectangle. Instead, its designer wanted this model to present a biomorphic silhouette, hand-carved, with sculptural features that make it surprisingly artistic and nothing like the base of traditional tables. Besides, its tempered glass surface is triangular with obtuse edges, a shape that’s not seen in all coffee table models either, since most of them have a rectangular surface. Having a Noguchi table reproduction in your living room will give the touch of originality and good taste to your space that you were needing.