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What we call a classic in furniture and interior designs are pieces that not only pass the test of time in sales but keep gaining momentum and appreciation with every new generation. That is the case with the Pelican Chair, by Finn Juhl.

This is the way is considered globally, as we see in news websites around the world. This time is a Philippine newspaper, the Manila Bulletin, that makes a brief note about an online auction in these very pandemic times, where the Pelican Chair has a prominent place.

Even in these troubled times, where many countries are still struggling to find the road to recovery, there are thoughtful efforts to keep moving. This is the case of the furniture business like Mr. Chair, by the couple Torto and Meryll Canga. A place that made itself the reference in Manila, the Philippines, in Modern Design furniture. With a sincere passion for making design interior fantasies a vibrant reality, their online auction features a great selection of world-famous vintage collectible pieces, where the Pelican Chair has a special place.

Pelican Chair

“The Pelican generates a space within itself, which implores for immersion and closeness. Ahead of its time”

The  Manila Bulletin

And most interior designers and décor enthusiasts cannot agree better. The Pelican Chair characteristic shape is reminiscent of a body that holds up, cradle, another body. But at the same time, its sturdy legs and soft cashmere skin brings a delicate elegant vibe. And Barcelona Designs brings you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a first-class Finn Juhl’s Pelican Chair Replica, the best of the market for a fraction of the price than an original piece.

With a long-term commitment to quality, the Pelican Chair Replica by Barcelona Design meets all the quality standards established by its creator, in the search for a chair that hugs you every time you seat.

The Barcelona Designs Pelican Chair Replica has all the quality features to bring you a real Finn Juhl experience, as:

  • Solid wood slanted legs with walnut or natural ash finish
  • Fabric and Classic Suede upholstery
  • A strong molded fiberglass shell, with high-quality urethane foam
  • High elasticity dacron-wrapped foam with genuine down feather layer

Don’t miss the opportunity of feeling the experience of a Pelican Chair Replica in Barcelona Designs, and share the magic that made Torto and Meryll Canga to fall in love with the masterwork of Finn Juhl.

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