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Do you know the value of choosing iconic pieces to build your layout? When you add furniture pieces such as the Finn Juhl sideboard, you are choosing designs that have a very important added value, since they are famous because they made history, set trends, greatly influenced the work of other professional designers of their time and those that would come many years later, giving an example of avant-garde and innovation. The symbolic value of a piece of furniture in this category cannot be measured since it represents many years of influence and recognition that only the most knowledgeable will know how to value.

Going Beyond The Obvious

Furniture, in addition to functional and aesthetic value, also has symbolic value. They represent an era, a trend, a style, and express a message through their shapes, lines, colors, and proportions. The Finn Juhl sideboard replica is no exception. This creation is iconic for the simplicity of its features and the functionality of its wide space and multiple compartments. It’s often described as a piece of furniture that is at least three pieces in one. Its reversible doors stand out for their visual appeal for color management, which emulates Goethe’s color wheel and can be presented in warm or cool colors that generally range from warm as white and yellow to others as light blue.

One of the biggest advantages of the Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard is that you can use it most conveniently, taking into account that it’s a multifunctional piece of furniture, capable of satisfying the most urgent and priority need that you have in terms of storage, support for place electronic equipment, order and classify your kitchen utensils or any other use that you want to give it. If you choose a Finn Juhl 1955 TV cabinet you’ll realize that you have chosen much more than a piece of furniture for your home.