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The coffee table is a standard piece of furniture today in almost any American or European home. But in spite of being considered today one of the most extended pieces of furniture, there is not a long account of the coffee table in history, until recent times. 

The first references to the coffee table in history have to do with English sources in the Victorian era, where they first recorded the use of the term coffee table;  just in a different sense, referring to a big size table just made for serve coffee. It’s believed that the Ottoman Empire furniture contributed to the adaptation of the concept coffee table, taking it from the traditional Ottoman. 

Nevertheless, through different cultures and times, ancient exotic furniture pieces like the Japanese or Hindu tables, can’t be considered as coffee tables themselves, because they lied directly on the ground, without legs, for people sitting on the floor. So we are not talking about a table, properly.

But lately, the market of center tables is moving looking for more variety and better functionality. And that means thinking again about the concept of a table, going beyond the traditional 4 leg support, and even choosing new items with different functionality. What happens then to classic options, like the Barcelona Table? Let’s take a look.


A recent trend. It has the versatility of this kind of piece. Recently, people like to use it as a center table, or a “centerpiece”, that can bring you extra seats, some storage surface, or some space for coffee while you’re watching TV. The Barcelona Bench, by the way,  is a very good example of that versatility.


Nowadays, Ottomans are all over the place, though they’re not what they used to be. Now there are storage Ottomans, decorative Ottomans, relaxing Ottomans, Now there are some many models, that is hard to recognize them. Ottomans, which tend to be of a rounded shape, can work as a storage surface for some basic objects, Ottomans, nevertheless are more rigid, and its surface is not fully functional.  Ideal for people looking for a decorative object with certain properties as a table.

Other choices.

Consider the Epoxy tables, that are growing fast in the preference of people. The use of antiques or solid objects, like a piece of stone or wood. Whatever is the furniture chosen. an appetite for different choices is there. 

But the classic option will always be there. A Barcelona Table will be beautiful, endurable and persistent of time, with the permanency of classics. What will you choose?

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