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Some furniture designs become a part of history as luxury icons, inimitable works of art that get sold in auctions for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some others become classic furniture choices that cost a lot of money and spawn a myriad of knockoffs and bad replicas. And some others become staples of everyday use that can be found in any home or office around the world.

Sometimes the work of an author, artist, or creator becomes more important than the name attached to it, transforming into something that we see every day without really noticing, something normal. Once, some objects were an innovative definition of the future while today they are a regular part of our present.

The chair that has endured the test of time for more than six decades

Besides their endeavors for the home, Charles and Ray Eames were also innovators in the office space. Their interest in the workplace and how we relate to it would give birth to the Aluminum Group series of chairs in 1958. The “task chair” they created is one of the most common chairs in the world today. At Barcelona Designs we have four models that follow in the legacy of these first task chair prototypes, imbuing them with contemporary quality by using only the best items, which in turn creates almost perfect replicas of these first chairs.

Unlike the Eames lounge chair for the home, which became an object for the few, not the many, the Eames task chair can be found everywhere in the workplace from the unpaid intern’s desk to the CEO’s corner office though, logically, only a handful of them are original certified Eames designs. This is not to say that there is no differentiation between models: you have both management and executive chairs, and even though anyone can buy them and enjoy them, it would be wrong to say that they weren’t designed with differences in mind. You have to account for them as well when buying, and if you’re worried about things like ergonomics, check out our previous articles on the subject.

What makes the Eames Aluminum Group task chair so popular?

The chair introduced many functions that we just can’t live without today, such as the swivel, gas-lift mechanism, and the shape itself. It looks good anywhere because of its neutral color scheme, and it also doesn’t look too simple (or too complicated). At first, ironically, these chairs didn’t have any of those perks. They were actually created to fulfil a desire that Alexander Girard, another fmaous deisgner, relayed to Ray and Charles Eames. Girard wanted lightweight, durable chairs to furnish a home that he was designing himself, but he wanted a ribbed design that was different from everything else that was being created at the time.

Regarding ergonomics, the chair is very comfortable to sit on because it has a natural curve that can be adjusted by reclining. You can’t fall asleep on that chair but chances are you won’t get sleepy. The beauty of it is that it also keeps you active. Again, check out our previous article on the subject and see what you can get form each chair when you take ergonomics into consideration. The padded back chairs are incredible and will help your back so much, but most importantly, all of these chair have a natural design that allows for flexible recline, meaning that they are already inherently ergonomic.

If you’re interested on having your own office task chair, it would be better if you purchased a great-quality replica that is made following Eames’ specifications instead of buying a nameless knockoff that only imitates the chair’s aesthetic, and know you know why that is. Good luck!