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We recently did an article on the Best-sellers and the office chairs, and the Barcelona Collection got a brief mention. However, only the Barcelona chair replica got featured. We were wondering how the items of the Barcelona collection can enrich your office space, so today we will dissect each item of the Barcelona collection in an office space, also talking about the relationship they could have with the four Eames office chairs. Let’s begin!

Barcelona chair replica

We can see the Barcelona chair replica as one of the most bought items when it comes to furnishing an office space. Even on studio apartments you might found them tucked away beside a task chair, which is why it would look really good with the traditional ribbed-back design of the Eames office chair replica. Most customers opinions have pointed to the Barcelona chair replica as their second choice for large office spaces, usually purchasing more than one and getting the Barcelona table replica as well. As a curious side note, they usually don’t purchase the ottomans.

The Barcelona chair replica is extremely flexible when it comes to its decor, but you should get it in the same color as the Eames office chair replica. Though some people get the office chair first, take this moment to think about getting one for yourself. The style comes from the early part of mid-century modernism, so you might feel pretty comfortable with combining the two.

Barcelona table replica

Usually purchased along the Barcelona chair replica, but not really purchased in smaller offices. If you are in charge of putting together a big office area, complete with waiting rooms, the Barcelona table replica can greatly add sophistication and luxury to your space. It doesn’t just go well with the Barcelona chair replica, other sofas can also benefit from its presence. An Eames Executive office chair replica might be the model you’re looking for if you choose to go with this table.

Barcelona bench replica

Excellent for office spaces. Both the 2-seat and 3-seat models are very popular and usually bought in groups to furnish office waiting areas across America. For your own personal office we would encourage that you try the 2-seat model and add to the coziness with an Eames office chair, but the one with the soft-pad back. This can add a lot of warmth to the room but will still keep you active enough to comfortably ease your way through the work day. Remember that these benches are not an official part of the original Barcelona Collection of 1929, which means their replicas are slightly less known. However, we make them with the same manufacturing processes and hold them to the same quality standards as the more classic items in the collection. By the way, the leather used in the Eames office chair replica is of the same quality as the one used on the Barcelona collection.

Barcelona daybed replica

Let’s consider the Barcelona daybed replica as one of the less sold items when it comes to people who have previously purchased an Eames office chair. There is not a lot of space for these two to go together, and that means they don’t usually get the chance to meet. We would like to believe that, if you have enough space, you can make the Barcelona daybed replica work with any of the Eames office chair replicas. However, we would also advise that you get yourself an Executive model instead of one of the Management chairs.

Barcelona loveseat and sofa

This is where we end our journey, as these items usually sell when people who are looking to buy a Barcelona chair replica realize that they might have a little more space in their hands. There’s not much to say about them, but if you have purchased one of this items and also own an Eames Lounge chair replica, drop us a line or gives us a call. Your opinion could be posted in one of our next blog series. You will also get access to lots of discounts and promos that you might not know about!


At Barcelona Designs, we are very proud to showcase our Barcelona Collection, which is what we have been doing in the last 4 or 5 articles. We want you to get the best experience possible in furniture, so you should read up on our previous articles. Remember that the Eames Office chair replicas that we feature here all have the same quality when it comes to leather and steel. The quality of the materials is the same in both collection, but both are used to construct a very particular product.

However, the bottom line is that they work well together, and they will not pose as much as a risk to your wallet as they could, given that we create some of the most affordable replicas in the market.