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We have done a lot of articles in the Eames Office chair replica department, and we were wondering what your thoughts were on combining the Eames Office chairs with other articles from our best-sellers collection. This would also include the Barcelona Collection, even though we consider it a separate collection from the best-sellers. We’ve reached out to our customers and asked them to write about their experiences with items from the best-sellers and Barcelona collections, as well as Eames Office chairs. These are some testimonies we gathered from people who decided to accompany the Eames Office chair replica with something else.

Debra, 32, New York City

“I have a home office, and the Eames Office chair was always my first choice for putting a home office together. The space in which I live is very reduced, but there’s still room for decoration. Last year, I chose to purchase a Barcelona chair replica in the same color as my Eames Office chair replica, which has the ribbed back. They’re both white and look great together. This prompted to slowly purchase more items from the Barcelona Collection: a loveseat and the table. The Eames Office chair replica works excellently with the style of the Barcelona Collection, so this would be the choice I would recommend.”

Michael, 35, Pennsylvania

“I have a fairly large office, so I decided to get myself a lounge chair that I could use for a while to help with my back, and the Eames Lounge chair from Charles and Ray Eames is the first thing that popped into my mind. You’ll find that a lot of TV shows have used it recently to decorate workspace interiors, and I already knew it from before. Most people think it looks great and also that the Executive Eames Office chair in black that I purchased from Barcelona Designs is a very elegant addition to my office. I have the version with the cushions, and now I have two of the most comfortable chairs in the world in my office.”


As you can see, people’s opinions are usually favorable when it comes to combining the Eames office chair replicas and the best-sellers. However, we really looked for it in the comments and letters, but curiously, we couldn’t find many mentions of the Arco Lamp, which we considered quite strange. We could also recommend the Arco Lamp replica to our readers, since it works great in office spaces. The one example that we would use to try to sell you in this idea is to watch Mad Men. One of the most featured interiors (the office of one of the main characters, a boss) has an Arco Lamp accompanied by various mid-century modern replicas. Granted, we must admit that not one of our best-sellers can be found in that office, but the best-sellers that do appear can give you a great idea of how a big office would look when decorated in a mid-century modern style with the Arco Lamp replica.