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Preparing the home office is a much easier and more comfortable task when the objectives to be achieved with the final layout, the type of furniture needed, the available space, among other minor details, are very clear. The most relevant part of the design of your home office is usually the functionality, or is the one that’s commonly taken into account; after all, you’ll spend many hours daily on that site and what interests you most is that it can offer you the technical facilities to be able to do your job. Therefore, having a chair like the Eames Office Chair is essential to ensure high productivity with maximum comfort.

Eames Office Chair

Comfort and Style in The Same Design

The desk chair usually takes the leading role for obvious reasons: you should feel as comfortable as possible to avoid body damage caused by wrong postures for a very long time, you must have the most convenient technical characteristics and materials that make the body feel better. There are very important reasons why desk chairs include wheels on the legs, and levers to adjust the height and inclination. The Eames Management Chair replica, in addition to those two features, is made of heavy-grade synthetic leather for optimal breathability and durability, cushion with curved alignment, and ribbed padding for comfort, chrome-plated aluminum alloy frame, and base and design with alignment flexible curvature alignment of the back for optimal lumbar support.

Eames Office Chair

However, the Eames Office Chair replica isn’t only an efficient technical instrument: it’s also a chair with a very elegant style, which looks great in any mid-century modern decor. This chair belongs to a collection known as the aluminum group presented by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958 and was recognized with the “ICFF Editors’ Choice” award for Best outdoor furniture.