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Much has been said over the decades about the Eames Lounge Chair and its magnificent features. It’s undeniable that its technical and aesthetic features made it one of the iconic designs of the Mid-Century Modern style and it’s also one of the most admired and coveted products within the world of the furniture industry for a long time.

It’s possible that everyone who has known this chair has ever dreamed of having it in their home or office. That desire translated into a market opportunity for companies that could offer similar models at a much lower cost.

This is how, in due time, some models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design appeared. This piece is made to be virtually identical to the one that Charles and Ray Eames designed and released in 1956 amid great anticipation.

The chair is famous not only for how good it looks in just about any area. It’s also well known for the user experience it can provide. Sitting in an Eames Lounge Chair is living the feeling that they have created a product especially for you, for your rest, comfort, and well-being of your body.

These feelings are something that many people greatly appreciate. Thanks to the existence of the Eames Lounge Chair reproduction, many have been able to fulfill their wish of having this chair, even if it’s not the authentic product.

Looking For The Perfect Chair

The Eameses invested several years of their lives in the process of perfecting this model. The first-class recline, cushioning, and ergonomics they wanted to achieve would require a greater effort than usual. Of course, they would break schemes about the procedures, materials, and components that were common to find in these types of products.

Also, producing the chair had to be industrially feasible to be able to mass-manufacture it and meet demand. In the process, several prototypes were discarded and put aside as details were adjusted to deliver increasingly complete and efficient versions of the chair until the final model was reached.

The version of the Eames Lounge Chair that arrived at the hands of the public totally dazzled because it was also a versatile design, compatible with most of the trending decorating styles, and represented the innovation of the moment; it was something that showed that the industry was evolving and getting new achievements that would greatly benefit the well-being of users.

It was a product that brought hope, after a disastrous time in which the world faced the worst war in history. The Eames Lounge Chair meant rebirth in that sense because it gave people reason to think that the future would give many products like that to the industrial level, aimed at improving the quality of life in a more up-to-date and optimistic way.

The chair quickly became a celebrity favorite and even began to appear in all kinds of movies, TV shows, series, and music videos. After more than sixty years of its appearance, it’s considered by many to be the definitive emblem of the new Modernism and a sign that you can always innovate to take traditional ideas to the next level of efficiency and quality.