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In 1956, when the Eameses were introducing their Eames Lounge Chair to the world for the first time, they probably didn’t imagine that they were also making furniture design history. The piece would find its way to popularity to fill millions of homes, offices, and even outdoors around the world.

More than sixty years have passed, but that hasn’t meant that the chair is no longer manufactured. On the contrary, the passage of time and its continued popularity made it a coveted object and an immortal piece that continues to look amazingly good with current decorating styles. Its aesthetic versatility and technical advantages facilitate its use in all types of environments.

The amazing duo of veterans not only managed to create a highly ergonomic and extraordinary chair in every way, but also a piece of furniture with great artistic value.

Its curved lines, minimalist flair, simple silhouette devoid of unnecessary ornaments or details, first-class materials, and the accompanying ottoman represent a living expression of the Mid-Century Modern style, a trend that renewed the parameters of classic Modernism during the middle of the twentieth century.

Several years of effort were required before the Eames Lounge Chair was finally launched on the market. The Eameses took their time to fine-tune all the details. They wanted to deliver a premium product, aimed at the most demanding buyers, who wouldn’t pay as much attention to the price but to the properties of the piece.

Besides, the post-war context was an incentive for this chair to become such a popular product. People wanted to believe in better times. The Eames Lounge Chair was certainly something much better than anything that had been seen in terms of lounge chairs and represented that kind of hope that Modernism, technology, and industrial advances would allow us to achieve a more dignified and hopeful life, remote of war conflicts.

What Does It Mean To Have This Chair at Home?

The fame of the Eames Lounge Chair soon spread to Europe and the rest of the world. However, it was still considered a luxury product for its price and prestige, and although everyone wanted to have it in their home and office, not everyone could afford it. Therefore, several knock-offs appeared as an affordable and faithful alternative to what its creators had delivered.

A product like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Barcelona Designs is, at first glance, indistinguishable from the authentic piece. Only an expert could identify them. It’s a product that’s manufactured following the specific guidelines and instructions left by its creators but is sold at a price that represents only a fraction of the original cost.

This is an immense advantage, considering that it gives many people access to the possibility of having a chair that for a long time was considered to be of the aristocracy and that, in fact, is the favorite of many celebrities.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction also has a transformative visual effect because it’s usually the finishing touch in many modern environments that makes the difference between a standard (or even boring) layout and an amazing one.

The generous dimensions of this seat, its meticulous first-rate ergonomic features, the experience of use provided by its cushions and materials, and the iconic value of the piece will make it the most precious seat in your home and one of the favorite pieces of furniture of your family.