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It’s possible that when the Eames presented their Eames Lounge Chair in 1956, they didn’t imagine that they were creating a piece that would fill millions of spaces throughout the planet and would remain in continuous production indefinitely. In addition to being considered an extraordinary chair for the masterful and strategic use of its materials and its ergonomic shape, the Eames Lounge Chair is also considered a piece of art. The development of its design lasted several years and was the first product that these creators made for a high-end market.

Its complete design includes an Ottoman, which can be attached to the seat for complete relaxation of the body. This chair was designed for a demanding public, who required a luxury piece, with high-end materials and meticulously developed by specialists in ergonomic design, capable of lasting many years and also that it could be used in both domestic and office environments and even in outdoor spaces.

Source: Atomic Interiors UK

Since its appearance, its popularity has been increasing, to the point that very valid replicas began to appear at affordable prices, as a reliable alternative for those consumers who were very interested in having such a chair in their home but couldn’t afford the original piece. In general, an Eames Chair replica has very similar characteristics to those of the original product and is a model that is sold massively, on a large scale, around the world. However, what makes the Eames Lounge Chair so special that it arouses so much interest?

Technical Characteristics of a Legendary Furniture Piece:

Any Eames Lounge Chair replica is normally made according to the characteristics of the original design, which has been evaluated by specialists and recognized as being a high-quality work. These are some of its most important features:

* .- Certified wood. One of the most outstanding properties of this chair is that it’s made with first-class wood. The wooden veneers that form its shell are made of certified first and second grade American wood, which means high durability and quality. Additionally, this wood is refined with four layers of Italian lacquer, which guarantees that the color will not degrade over the years or lose vitality.

* .- Cushions are sewn manually and filled with synthetic memory foam. To make the cushions that will serve as a seat for the user’s body, the chair is sewn with braided thread used with chain stitch, which ensures that the structure stays in place and the seams last a long time.

* .- Amplitude of movements. It’s a reclining chair that can also be rotated 360 degrees. This allows the user agile usability and comfortable movements in any direction in which it needs to move within its environment.

* .- Silhouette adjusted to the body, with proportions that offer great comfort to the average dimensions of any adult person. This chair is designed to be used for several hours, eliminate discomfort, and avoid orthopedic diseases.

In addition to everything mentioned, the Eames Lounge Chair is also an emblematic design of the Mid-Century Modern, which gives an added value to the area where you decide to place it. Decorate your spaces with an iconic Mid-Century Modern style design!