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After the most significant changes that the arrival of modernity left us from the twentieth century, the new era brought with it a rebound in the popularity of various decorative styles, some of which had been influencing the tastes for a long time, especially the Mid-Century Modern, which left some amazing pieces such as the Eames Lounge chair; however, other trends began to make their way towards the new generations, as a product of the transformations of society, the emergence of new lifestyles and the search for originality. One of these styles is the Transitional, which, for various reasons, became one of the most popular and requested trends worldwide.

A Transitional style decoration can combine different pieces of furniture, materials, finishes, and add various fabrics commonly associated with a mostly classic design, including also modern elements that help balance and add more dynamism. In this sense, it could be said that it’s an intermediate state between the most classic or traditional trends and the most modern and recent styles. The criteria according to which an Eames Lounge Chair could work very well in an area designed in this style are very valid, since they are related to both aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Eames Lounge Chair
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Integrating The Eames Lounge Chair In The Transitional Style

You can add furniture to your Transitional design with simple shapes but with sophisticated forms that have straight lines or rounded profiles. There are various fabrics with graphic or upholstered patterns and monochrome curtains that can work very well and print a valuable aesthetic stamp. Elegant wooden frames, as well as doors and floors made of this material, are a very common component. Thus, the Eames Lounge Chair will look like a very valid and appropriate integral part. The structure that Charles and Ray Eames devised for this chair is made of wooden veneers that use first and second-grade American timber. Veneers are molded using a process that includes special ovens to give them the specific shape they show.

Getting a design with a great personality at home reinforces well-being and satisfaction, more than anything if the results that were originally desired have been successfully achieved. In this sense, the Eames Lounge Chair adds both functionality and aesthetics to your Transitional style, highlighting the comfort of the space and at the same time adorning it with a piece that transcended its time and that today is considered one of the most influential chairs within the history of furniture design in general. In fact, it’s a piece that’s recommended for both indoors and outdoors, since its great functionality makes it appropriate for both types of environment and also for office spaces.

Your Eames Lounge Chair Is a Timeless Chair

Transitional design is said to often surprise with unexpected combinations that mix the new with the old in very appropriate and enjoyable ways. It’s not uncommon to find, for example, a classic style pendant lamp with a much more recent looking set of sofas and armchairs, and the Eames Lounge Chair is an excellent implement within that dialectic. Besides, the treatment of walls and ceilings with artistic and technical resources such as paintings, acrylics, fixtures, and the intelligent use of color add warmth and personality, as they emphasize the most valuable features of the space. The great secret is to ensure that the end result is not forced and gives the natural feeling of fluidity between one compartment and another.

Some official stores offer the Eames Lounge Chair with different upholstery materials, which expands the range of colors and textures with which you can integrate it into a specific area. Modern styles often use warm colors such as white or beige with intense accent tones such as dark brown, pink, orange, red, and yellow. The light colors evoke a clean and serene environment that also generates the feeling of spaciousness, while the intense colors are stimulating, adding energy, vitality, and character. Generally, a palette that accurately matches the right doses of both works very well for a transitional style.

The Eames Lounge Chair Is An Important Part Of Your Color Scheme

In addition to the colors and shapes, another key aspect is the organization of the free space and the number of pieces with which you want to decorate your area. If there are highly functional pieces such as the Eames Lounge Chair and if they are spaces that won’t be used by too many people, a Minimalist layout is usually the best choice. Carefully select the furniture that you’ll really need and make sure that each one is fulfilling an important and specific function. Never forget that, in Minimalism, “less is more”, which implies adding as few pieces as possible to avoid that the space seems too crowded, especially if it’s a small compartment or with small dimensions.

Eames Lounge Chair Replica
Source: Studio M

Also, never forget that natural elements add a touch of freshness and beauty that helps relax the atmosphere of any place and gives it much more authenticity. Planted plants, flowers in pots, or decorative rocks of great beauty, placed in strategic spots, enhance the color story and act as striking accents that add much visual interest. Brilliant accents like gold and silver tones or the inclusion of exotic crystals, added in a balanced way, can help give the finishing touch. Your Eames Lounge Chair, which is made of wood, leather, and metals, will look like part of an organic and very pleasant design, with its own spirit, and will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

An Eames Lounge Chair Replica Means An Excellent Opportunity

If this is the first time you’re going into interior design and decoration, it probably seems like a very complex activity due to all the details involved, but the great secret is to know all the options you have as well as possible. For example, an Eames Chair replica is a very valid option for people who don’t yet have this model at home but are very interested in it. Getting an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction on the market can mean saving a lot of money on a piece in this category in exchange for a fairly appropriate user experience.

Regardless of whether you have chosen the Transitional style or another decorative trend for your home or office, remember that the most important thing is to make your space a place adapted to your needs and tastes, where you can feel full and satisfied. Start experimenting today and prepare the layout of your dreams.

Eames Chair Reproduction
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