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Is not too hard to perceive that Boho design keeps being trendy as the years pass, in fact, is quite simple. I don’t about you but if you are a loyal follower of some interior designers or even artists, you will see very notable influences of Boho in their environments. Is very recurrent to see that neutral and calm vibe that only real boho design knows how to reach.

To keep supporting this trend and the lovers of it, we have decided to show two of the greatest sofas to achieve that particular aesthetic of boho. These are the popular Bellini sofa and the traditional Sven sofa, so keep scrolling down and find out who your next pillars in your interior design could be.

The Bellini Sofa is also known as the Camaleonda Sofa

The Bellini sofa or Camaleonda sofa, as many know it, has earned its name for a very obvious reason, and this is because it can easily adapt to any type of style or space. Its 4 modules help to adapt it to not only your space but also your lifestyle. Modularity is a very valuable feature when it comes to people who like to frequently change the disposition of the layout or for people who like to reunite with friends or family.

This is a very accurate sofa since it’s also unconventional, a well-known character in bohemian designs. Whether you like leather or fabric, the Bellini sofa will help you with your Boho goal.

The Sven Sofa, the most wanted leather piece

You may have seen it on Instagram, Pinterest, or even interior design Facebook posts as it fits perfectly with many color palettes and tastes. It is neutral but beautiful, it is upholstered in leather and its support is composed of four vlegs that are made of solid wood, finished in mahogany for strength and beauty.

Down below we have placed the exact dimensions and materials used for the Sven sofa: 

  • Dimensions: Length: 88.5″, height: 34″, depth: 38″
  • Seating capacity: three people.
  • The legs of this sofa are solid wood and finished in mahogany for strength and beauty.
  • Approximate Weight: 116 lbs.
  • Leather upholstery with cognac-colored pure aniline tan.
  • Specially kiln-dried wooden structures with locked angles to avoid accidents.
  • Designed primarily for indoors.

If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to ask us. Comment below or talk with an agent, we are to help you decorate your home with iconic furniture.