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Living room

A coffee table is something that everyone should have on their living room. Some people buy sideboards, some people even buy nightstands and put them next to the couch, but none of them experience the comfort brought upon by a good coffee table, one that maximizes the use of space and also looks great.

Barcelona Table Replica

Most people that know a thing or two about home design, or just care about how their house look will buy a coffee table. But sometimes they won’t do it the right way, and this can translate into a variety of issues, lack of mobility around the living room being the most common.

How do I place the Barcelona Table Replica correctly?

To make good use of the Barcelona Table replica you should take measures and set it around 20 inches from the sofa or chairs. This allows for good mobility and will help your living room traffic. If people are constantly tripping into your precious coffee table this can become uncomfortable, and things can end up breaking as well! (be careful with vases and glass objects).

You should also keep the Barcelona table replica about 1 or 2 inches lower than the seat of the couches or chair. Its height is not adjustable, so you’ll have to compensate with your existing furniture. This problem is quickly surpassed by getting yourself the other elements on the Barcelona Collection.

If your seats are low you can also try and match both heights, which depending on your living room configuration can be more desirable. The main rule would be never to purchase a high coffee table. Rectangular coffee tables (or cocktail tables) are good for both big and small spaces. Also, if you have a pair of matching chairs keep the coffee table between them small so it can become a centerpiece without issue.

Taking care of your Barcelona Table replica

Think about the things you will be putting on your Barcelona table before purchasing one. Are you decorating it with sculptures? Pay no mind then. Are you putting flowers or plants on it? Be careful with water stains. Is your house a constant party hub? Ask people to use coasters! Common sense is important to avoid adding more work to the process of living in your own house.

A last tip, consider buying a Barcelona bench if you want even more flexibility and freedom of movement. You can get more than one piece as long as the Barcelona table remains at the center of your space. Pick something you know you’ll love to use, not just love to see every day!