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The Barcelona sofa is known for being one of the most iconic models of the Mid-Century Modern style. Not only is it a modern furniture piece that was innovative and revolutionary at the time, but its creator, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, would go down in history as one of the most important, representative and influential architects of modern architecture. In the first quarter of the century, the Barcelona Sofa appears as a symbol of all that innovation, presenting an elegant, functional, comfortable style, and with aesthetic features typical of ancient civilizations.

The Barcelona chair and the stool that accompanied it, thanks to the sensation it caused and its wide acceptance, began to be considered a modern throne. The first users of this model who had knowledge of interior design and had the opportunity to enjoy its advantages knew that they were in the presence of a cutting-edge design, which would mark a trend and whose legacy would remain in people’s memory and taste for future generations.

A Sofa With Power in Modern Spaces

The scissor shape of the legs of this sofa may be inspired by the design of curl chairs, a type of backless furniture that had its appearance in ancient Rome and was specially designed for high-ranking government officials.

From the moment the Barcelona Sofa was first presented in 1929 at the International Exhibition of Barcelona, it was associated with modern architecture, but reminiscent of the typical aesthetics of antiquity. That is, its designer had taken the best of thousands of years of style and adapted them to the modern era to offer the best of both worlds.

The aesthetic value that the Barcelona Sofa can add to a living room not only represents good taste and functionality but is also a symbol of power and good taste. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more wonderful examples of this trend.