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These days, people are looking to rent houses with small living rooms.  COVID-19 or specifically the quarantine has changed the needs and the economy; forcing some people to switch to affordable places. These places typically have a small footprint that requires a bit of complex design planning.

The decorating planning should provide efficient use of space that maximizes storage and increases the functionality of a room. This may or may not seem like an easy job, but don’t worry! Here we present smart space-saving pieces that could make your space efficient and functional for all members of the house.

The Barcelona loveseat a symbol of prominence with small dimensions

Loveseats are used to create seating for conversation spaces. This piece helps establish the proper layout for the living room.

When it comes to loveseat models -since they are very demanded- you can find plenty of them, varying from size, color, and comfort. 

Today we wanted to show one of the most iconic models from the mid-century modern style, the Barcelona loveseat

This Loveseat features a visual manifestation of Mies’ signature stylized cross form in the legs and base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel. The steel frame is also hand-ground and hand-buffed to provides a kind of mirror finish, inspiring a sense of elegance and prominence, this is where the comfy cushions upon.

What makes this loveseat so comfortable is its materials. both seat and back cushions feature individually cut and sewn leather panels and high-density, fire-resistant urethane foam for optimum detailing and quality. 

Cushions are attached with heavy grade leather saddle straps that match the upholstery in color and upholstery material.

Folding pieces are your best partner

The trend right now is folding pieces, they are pretty versatile providing you multiple functions with just one component. This type of object helps you to save space-occupying a couple of centimeters. 

The 2- way use of furniture is quite interesting, you may have seen influencers or YouTubers recording videos showing how to use them because there’s something captivating about watching the set up of them.

Take a look at this video to understand what I mean.

Captivating, right? 

If it looks like that on video imagine how it will look in your living room. You can start by adding folding tables and desks or even tray tables.

Hang things with stylish arrangements & full-motion mounts

A great way to save space is by hanging things like televisions, plants, pictures, etc. on the wall. This is a trick widely used by owners of apartments and small places. The great thing about this is that you can keep your style while hanging your objects.

When it comes to the TV, you can use full-motion mounts that allow you to extend the TV and tilt it towards you when in use, after that it can return to its original position.

As for the plants, you can select delicate arrangements to show an aesthetic aspect, look at this example:

plants hang on the wall

Organizational baskets are friendly & aesthetic

It can be a bit difficult to distribute cupboards and lots of shelves to stack your products.

Organizational baskets are very friendly when creating a home décor for small spaces.

They are functional as they can be placed easily in any place and have plenty of space for your accessories. They fit under the tables and beds and can be pulled out whenever required. 

Plus! If you choose this item, remember to buy different sizes of baskets based on your needs. You make a list of things you want to put in to have a better idea of the sizes you want.