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Barcelona Daybed

Each room in the house requires different elements depending on the available space and needs. One of the most important things when creating a design is planning and filtering ideas before taking any movement or action.

When we talk about rooms in houses, the living room is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, because it is usually the largest area in the whole house and the one that requires the most dedication when designing or cleaning.

This is the space where you surely spend the most time of the day because it normally expresses relaxation and has areas to lie down, and well, who doesn’t like to lie down and relax while watching a movie on their sofa?

But sometimes, having a small living room available can cause us problems when planning where and what furniture to put. Why? because if the room is messy or cluttered the last thing you want to do is spend time and do the things mentioned above.

If this is your case, it is your lucky day! Because today we are going to share tips and decoration pieces like the Barcelona daybed to make your room bigger than it is or simply to save space.

The Barcelona Daybed the ally for your small space

A divan as its name refers to can be used as a bed and a sofa, the only difference is that it is smaller than a sofa but it can provide you with the same function. This is the main reason people recommend it for tight spaces; usually apartments.

The Barcelona daybed replica is a great option if you have a limited budget because it has high quality materials such as Italian full grain leather, which makes it luxurious as well as comfortable, resulting in the perfect combination!

This iconic piece has the perfect dimensions for any living room and also has a neutral look that is a must-have when you haven’t decided what style you want to pursue.

Take a look at the Barcelona daybed replica dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 16″
  • Overall Width:  38″
  • Overall Length: 78″
  • Depth 37

A real treasure right? What are you waiting for, include this element in your living room and save a lot of space while keeping a gorgeous look!

Light is the key!

The secret for creating an open concept and an illusion of a big space is the way we take advantage of the lighting. For example, if you have access to natural light, don’t use heavy or dark curtains to block it, quite the opposite, enjoy that fortune! You can use semi-sheer shades to let the light flood the room.

Mirror mirror in my hand… Make my place bigger.

Yeah I’m not good at rhyming but you got my point right? Including mirrors will help you in your goal of making your living room appear larger. It’s the oldest trick, but it really works.

You can also choose a large mirror to cover an entire wall. In this way you will create the illusion of a large space by reflecting the backlight and of course the interior decoration.