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This article continues the question posed in a previous article about the best sellers and how they are used to furnish a home. We saw some examples of the two collections interacting, but we tended to leave out the Barcelona collection. Aesthetically, you can see that they belong together. There isn’t really that much of a difference in style between the two, though the Barcelona collection precedes all of the best-sellers, being created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.

Let’s look at the different ways in which each particular item of the Barcelona Collection can interact with items from our best-seller collection:.

Barcelona chair replica

The Barcelona chair replica can be a very good companion lounge chair to the Womb chair replica with ottoman. The space it takes allows for it to accompany these chairs without overwhelming them, while still leaving space for other items like the Barcelona table replica.

Barcelona Table replica

Without a doubt the second item in the Barcelona collection to be bought alongside the best-sellers, usually by people who decide not to buy the glass tables, which some consider riskier in tone. The Barcelona table replica is made with chip-resistant glass and polished stainless steel of the same quality as used on the items of the Barcelona Collection. The Womb chair alone might be a great companion to it, and the Arco Lamp as well, given its size.

Barcelona Daybed replica

Not commonly purchased along with bestsellers, mostly because of its size and particular style. Most people who purchase the Barcelona daybed replica are usually also purchasing other items of the Barcelona Collection, particularly the Barcelona chair replica, a loveseat, and even the sofa sometimes. However, we believe that the Barcelona Daybed could replace the sofa in your home, allowing you space to purchase another item from the best-sellers, like the lounge chairs we mentioned above. In any case, what we can recommend is that you throw the Arco Lamp into the mix when purchasing the Barcelona Daybed replica and other Barcelona collection items. You can never go wrong with mixing those two styles.

Barcelona Ottoman replica

Usually purchased along the Barcelona chair replica. Very rarely purchased on its own as a companion to any of the best sellers. Some people have purchased Barcelona ottomans. The Barcelona ottoman replica is meant to go with the Barcelona chair, as seen in the image above.

Barcelona Bench replica

These ones are one of a kind. They aren’t usually purchased along the best-sellers collection but they aren’t also sold with the Barcelona collection often. The benches are usually bought by people individually, and most people go to them after buying one of two items from the Barcelona collection. We believe the benches can be flexible companions in entryways, the bedroom, and even work spaces. This makes them a great choice not only for people who buy lounge chairs, but also to people who have acquired an office chair, which technically can also be a part of the best-sellers. Also, people tend to purchase the 2-seat Barcelona bench replica much more than the 3-seat variant.

Barcelona Loveseats and Couch replicas

Basically the same product with one seat of difference. Not usually purchased along the best-sellers but some people have replaced their sofas with these options, and those same people later end up buying a glass table or a lounge chair replica with ottoman. This is very common, so we believe these products should be considered by people who want to purchase the Barcelona chair replica but have a lot more space to fill in their houses. Even though they are not a part of the original 1929 collection at the Barcelona Pavilion, they have the same features and quality, as well as coming from the same manufacturing processes.


Barcelona Designs has been making the Barcelona Collection for quite some time now. We believe it is our signature product and consider it our duty to reproduce the designs by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the most faithful manner possible. The leather, steel, and craftsmanship ability that is used to create this chairs allows us to say that we are the only online store selling the most accurate reproductions of the Barcelona Collection right now.