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Its almost July, and we are in the middle of 2020. With an eye in our current year, and the other looking the next year, let’s talk a little about whats a current trend and how it changed before and after these pandemic times we are living in. Is the Barcelona Collection still fashionable? Find it for yourself later.

What is The Barcelona Collection? 

The Barcelona Collection is the entire sum of the set of furniture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. This collection has a great impact in the world of Interior Design and furniture, due to the revolutionary changes that it brought in a early date like 1929.
The Barcelona Collection, by that time was formed by the Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Loveseat, the Barcelona Ottoman, the Barcelona Table, and the Barcelona Bench. The Barcelona Daybed, a modification of the Barcelona Bench, was added in 1930, and its one of the most popular elements in the collection right now. 

The 2020 Trends in Interior Design: Before and After

As everybody knows, the Covid 19 Pandemic took control over almost the entire planet on march an april of 2020. This was an historical event without precedents and its consequences will be watched for sure for years to come. Is natural then, to review if whatever was considered trendy before CV19 (like, let’s say the marble tops), is still, trendy. 

So what are these elements that hit hard in the beginning of 2020?, As authorized sources like Elle , TV spots like this, and prestigious sites like Apartment Therapy commented previously, some elements are relevant, while other don’t. Lets take a look.

Nature all over the place

As it has been in the past years, using plants and natural motifs is more and more appreciated. Now, is more relevant than ever, obviously. Nature in your home is much more than several flower pots around the house. It means plants, green and big plants not only in your living, but even your bedroom. Nature motifs, like flowered upholstery or exotic trees, are in vogue. But there is more. The concept for an environmentally sustainable decor is on its way. With a point of view in favor of recycled materials and eco friendly manufactures, its presence will be every time more familiar in the next years. 

Wood. Always wood

It never fades, and it never will. Wood, as a surface, or as furniture material is always present. With the exception of wood panels, that have been so abused, furniture with a wood frame, or wood tables are always welcomed. Rattan, wicker, cane are experimenting an interesting rise since the beginning of 2020, and are still well demanded.

The color of the 80s

A much more recent trend, the bold, cheerful and live color explosions of the 80s are back in Vinyl, plastic surfaces. A little bit of joy in this troubled period.

More artistic than ever

Art, art, art. Abstract figures, abstract wall art, and sculpture, and more recently, statement art. Beyond the classic posters of our favorite classic film or the high res photograph of our beloved character, a bold statement affirmation or abstract patterns are part of cool space.

Curved, rounded furniture

It looks like a mid term trend that is just beginning. Curved shape furniture is more and more appreciated. Not only in sofas, but tables and chairs. Soft angles, rounded ends for a much more comfortable space

New kids in the block

Some new kids on the block came to stay, and some went away. Do you remember marble? its great return wasn’t that big. But some old classics came from the past and are expected to make it great in the rest of 2020, and the next year. It’s the case of the Peacock chair, resting in the sands of time since the 1970s, but suddenly in demand of a more nature-friendly furniture.

But there is more news 

The most influential styles in Interior Design right now are, among others, Mid Century Modern; Coastal Living; Scandinavian; Traditional and Country, but we can see now that the new boy in town of decor is Coastal Living.Coastal Living expanded nationwide a couple of years ago; and its related to the elements of the coast and sea way of life: Blue colors, white sand, sailor and fishing decore, and with emphasis on natural materials.

But even in the emergency of main trends in the market of Interior Design, Mid Century Modern is still alive and in very good health. Mid Century Modern still stands for the favor of the majority of American states. In fact, there is a curious association between enthusiasts of Coastal Living and Mid Century Modern. In this association, when many people intended to label its favorite Style, they often named it “Mid Century Modern”, when they really referred to “Coastal Living”. This is due to certain alike elements that are common for both styles, like a minimalist approach.

Another interesting result of the study is the preferences by state. Coastal Living is considered right now as the most popular Decor Style.  In all logic, the surge of Coastal Living is stronger in all the west coast: FL, AL, GA, NC, SC, NJ, and so on, for a total of 18 states.  Coastal is followed closely by Mid Century Modern, with 16 states. Other preferences are Modern, Rustic Decor (Equivalent to the Scandinavian), Boho, and Cottage. Very interesting is to acknowledge that Modern, somehow related to MCM, is the preferred choice in 2 states, so, when you combine it in one label, MCM-Modernism gets even with Coastal Living. Scandinavian, another major force,  gets back sharply, just like Rustic Style. 

So, it looks that there is a long road ahead still for Mid Century Modern in the future. The Barcelona Collection with its minimalist approach has plenty to run it has been doing in the last 30 years, as preferred decor items of the American users. If you want to experience the beauty and functionality of Barcelona Collection, don’t miss the opportunity and go to Barcelona Designs, the best Online store in the replica’s market, where you can get a piece of design of high quality at really affordable prices.