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The Barcelona Collection is a classic guarantee of stability in this period of change. We are almost in the first half of the year 2020, and in spite of everything that has happened, the world must continue. Some things will keep running and some refreshing changes are coming. 

The Barcelona Collection and the new trends in 2020

In times of uncertainly, people tend to refugee in classical values. That brings you security. Now that we are living in a period of uncertainly and changes, we wonder what’s going to happen with the market of Interior Design. Will the major trends that drive the world of design survive and prevail, or are we about to see drastic changes?

2020 is without a doubt a year with big changes for everybody. The big impact of the year COVID 19 will be seeing in the world of Interior Design, too. Before the apparition of COVID 19 in march (BC19), these were, more than less, the major trends in home designing:

Big plants in all rooms and more natural materials in furniture and decore (wood, metal surfaces)A revival of MarbleBlue classic, the color of the year, according to Pantone

But now many things will change or evolve. We are in the middle of a process that is far from finish. According to many specialists, we are just in the middle of deep social changes. The recent focus on public health and safety may impact the preferences of people in many ways. Elements like hygienic, easy to clean, and ecologic are going to be every time with more clarity in the mind of the public. What do the major trends have to say in Interior Design about it? What values will prevail in the future? 

How Mid Century Modern will adapt to this times of change?

Mid Century Modern has in its pocket a long and solid tradition, which provides security and trust to the average user. MCM, besides, has a longstanding reputation of using all available materials with the criteria of functionality over design. “Less is more”, one famous quote from L.Mies van der Rohe, shows us very clearly the point of view of MCM: An emphasis on minimalism.

Scandinavian on the other hand, has an image of natural and ecological sources, that bring us in contact with nature, a deep desire of many users in the current times. The openly minimalist furniture and its characteristic white colors tend to favor a hygienical, pristine image, something deeply appreciated at this time. 

WIll these elements be enough to sustain MCM or Scandinavian through time? Will the Barcelona Chair continue as the most beautiful chair in the world? Will the Tulip Table continue as the prototype of a beautiful and practical design?

New styles in trends 2020

According to most of the reputable sources (Elle Decor; Houzz; Apartment Therapy, and so on), the most influential styles in Interior Design right now are, among others, Mid Century Modern; Coastal Living; Scandinavian; Traditional and Country). Another colorful names like Shabby Chic, Cottage or Boho, tend to be more focused locally. We can see now that we have to welcome a new boy in the town of Decor Styles in 2020: Coastal Living. 

Coastal Living expanded nationwide a couple of years ago; and its related to the elements of the coast and seaway of life: Blue colors, white sand, sailor and fishing decore, and with emphasis on natural materials

Nevertheless, one of the main trends that drive the market of Interior Design is still alive and in very good health. Mid Century Modern still stands for the favor of the majority of American states. In fact, there is a curious association between enthusiasts of Coastal Living and Mid Century Modern. In this association, when many people intended to label its favorite Style, they often named it “Mid Century Modern”, when they really referred to “Coastal Living”. 

Another interesting result of the study is the preferences by state. Coastal Living is considered right now as the most popular Decor Style.  In all logic, the surge of Coastal Living is stronger in all the west coast: FL, AL, GA, NC, SC, NJ, and so on, for a total of 18 states. 

Coastal is followed closely by Mid Century Modern, with 16 states. Other preferences are Modern, Rustic Decore (Equivalent to the Scandinavian), Boho, and Cottage. Very interesting is to acknowledge that Modern, somehow related to MCM, is the preferred choice in 2 states, so, when you combine it in one label, MCM-Modernism gets even with Coastal Living. Scandinavian, another major force,  gets back sharply, just like Rustic Style. 

The Barcelona CollectionThe Barcelona Collection is a guarantee of classic beauty and functionality in these times of changes. Its minimalist approach, its balanced and sober design, along with the trust that American consumers gave to Mid Century Modern for so many years, are enough reasons to think that the Barcelona Collection will stay many years as a major decor force. So, along with its new partner, Coastal Living, Mid Century Modern keeps the pace as the major trend in Interior Design. Definitely, a movement that is here to stay. The Barcelona Collection is going to be here for a long time, for the joy of many Design enthusiasts, in America and all over the world.