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“House of Cards” has become of the most watched series on Netflix since its first season premiered in 2013. It is an adaptation of an eponymous political drama from 1990s Great Britain, which in turn is an adaptation from a best-selling series of novels by author Michael Dobbs.

The sixth and final season hit subscribers’ devices last Friday, featuring the physical disappearance of its main character Francis Underwood (portrayed by Kevin Spacey) and his subsequent replacement by this show’s Lady Macbeth, Claire Underwood (portrayed by Robin Wright).

A change of scenery in the Oval Office

The Underwoods are none other than a presidential couple of the fictional United States portrayed in the series, which means that this season will feature Claire sitting and working from the highest seat of government in our country: the classically decorated Oval Office.

With this in mind, the people at Modsy, a well-known digital home design service, have created a tentative 3D space of the Oval that features Claire’s particular taste in furniture and décor. In the series, she will be the first female president of the United States, so there’s bound to be more than a few changes!

The layout is divided in two, featuring two sofas back to back with each other: one is facing the President’s desk while the other is facing the fireplace, beautifully encased by two white-clad Barcelona chairs. This design is an adaptation of president Jimmy Carter’s space with a modern twist.

Claire’s proposed office style points out to a new era

Claire’s proposed office space is not really an “out with the old” approach to the presidency, but rather an acknowledgment of a bright new era in which old thoughts and styles can be renewed. This is also one of the tenets of the mid-century modernist style, which is why Bauhaus furniture is always a worthy inclusion.

However, it is unlikely that we would have an Eames lounger, for example, inside of the Oval Office, but we can always keep our hopes up for future presidents. As a last commentary (and a little bit of a spoiler), the series’ rendition of Claire’s Oval Office doesn’t look as good as this. You can check out the entire design photos at Modsy’s company blog.