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Before getting in-depth on the topic, we should define and understand what exactly the mid-century style is and how to recognize it. 

Mid-century modern (MCM) is “an American design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, and urban development that was popular from roughly 1945 to 1969”. Although it grew up in America, it had influences on earlier styles such as Bauhaus which began in Germany. 

So, back on those days -after the second worldwide- economics and technologies started to change, and the expansion of the cities and suburbanization caused new furniture necessaries and high demand. That’s why the pieces created were characterized by simplicity and functionality. An example of this is the Barcelona chair.

“Chairs are uniquely the best expression of design. They encompass more of the challenges by which I live and work than any other single component of furniture.”

Vladimir Kagan

With that said, let’s talk about the next factor; its look.

How to recognize mid-century designs

Such a challenge, right? But today we’re going to making it easy for you! 

Its main features are well-defined shapes -such as clean lines- wood details and minimal effort look. The appearance of the design should also show the following:

  • An essence based on functionality.
  • Traditional material, such as wood, and non-traditional materials such as metal, glass, vinyl, plywood, Plexiglass, and Lucite.
  • Neutral color palette.
  • Minimal ornamentation.
  • The juxtaposition of materials in a sophisticated way.
  • Forms are organic and geometric.
  • Some designs can show an elegant farmhouse vibe.

So far, are you still wondering what furniture should really look like?

Don’t worry! Scroll down to check a few pictures.

20th-century furniture Examples – Know the Barcelona Chair!

  1. Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929.

Its features include; Italian Leather, stainless Steel Frame, and 40 individual panels cut, welted and tufted by hand. 

The “X” frame -you can see it on the left picture- is constructed from a superior grade single-piece stainless steel block, which reflects elegance while invites you to feel sit and relax. 

  1. Tulip Table

Inspired by the original design of Eero Saarinen, a true icon of modernism, the Tulip Table rests upon a heavy molded aluminum cast base, it offers a wood top with transparent polyester coating and lacquered with a scratch and chip-resistant finish. What a better definition of simplicity! 

  1. Barcelona Bench

Another piece from the Barcelona collection. The Barcelona Bench is comfortable enough for two persons, this Mies van der Rohe’s original modern design features Italian Aniline Leather Upholstery and a solid stainless steel frame.

  1. Arco Lamp

This a floor lamp that has a long, curved arm that stretches out at around eight feet from a marble base. Get an illuminated space with an aesthetic touch.

  1. Fanta Desk 

Our last piece to mention! This desk will catch everyone’s attention with its two angled legs in matte brown reminiscent of wing ribs support the long narrow aluminum covered top.

Hope now you can add the style design that everyone is obsessed with.

fanta desk with two legs

Plus! You can find all the replicas of this furniture on our website.

What’s your favorite mid-century piece? Comment below!