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One classic design object of the Mid Century Modern period, the Barcelona Bench is always obliquus. Fits in almost any place and bring elegance and utility as almost none other furniture items.

Maybe when it was designed in the mid 20’s, never envisioned the Pioneer of the modernism, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, how popular the family of the Barcelona benches would be, with the version 3 seater, the version 2 seater and the Barcelona Day Bed.

Barcelona Daybed

Today the Barcelona Bench is used in the most different spaces, such as living rooms; bedrooms; or even outdoors. While the selection of the model rests in the specific need of the owner, what about the color?

Just like other Mid Century Modern articles, the choices of color are more discreet than anything, but there are options.

White is the most popular option for the Barcelona Bench. There are several pros in favor of this color. In white, the Barcelona Bench lights up the room, with its clean design, the shiny surface of leather, and the contrast with the brown stripes down in the mattress.

Black is the other popular option. To be used in a more formal space, in black the Barcelona Bench brings elegance and utility in one only package. It’s important to mention that the rest of the Barcelona Collection (The Barcelona Chairs, for example) works mainly in these two colors. Something to keep in mind if you want to go through the collection itself.

Other alternatives. Not everything is black and white when it comes to these pieces. There are popular choices with red cherry and mustard-like popular options. Also, though in a minor scale, purple and blue have some favoritism with more eclectic décor.

And when do you expect to get your Barcelona Bench? If you want to enjoy the elegance, convenience, and beauty of a Barcelona Bench, the best place is Barcelona Designs, where you can obtain the quality of an original design item for a fraction of its price.