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Barcelona Bench

How do you receive the fall season? 

The fall season is one of the neutral and pretty times of the year where you go for all the comfy clothes and cups of coffee to get in on the vibe this season carries. But that’s not the only thing you can do! If you look around your neighborhood, you may notice that in the fall people tend to decorate the front of their houses.

This year you may see more decorations than other years; a possible consequence of the quarantine that we all go through, why? Because people have more time to focus on their arrangements and decoration than in other years.

That being said, this year, it may be your year! Take advantage of the free time you have and start planning your fall decoration. It may be easier than you think, just by decorating the Barcelona bench or your coffee table, you could make the change.

Start by decorating your Barcelona bench 

The Barcelona bench -as we mentioned in the title- is such a friendly piece of furniture that it can help you on your way to implementing the autumn air in your home.

A good way to do it is to put the Barcelona bench or replica; It doesn’t matter which one you have, in front of your house. By doing this, you will create a focal point that will grab everyone’s attention.

What can you put next and on your Barcelona bench?

You can try buying a couple of beautiful and big pumpkins and place them next to or in front of your Barcelona bench. 

One of the most important things to bring the autumnal atmosphere that people are looking for is to put warm colors; such as orange, red, light green, etc. Therefore, keep this principle in mind when purchasing your furnishing articles.

Ok, now you have your Barcelona bench and pumpkins, what else do you need?

Yes! throw pillows to complement the furniture. Take a chance on some patterns, or maybe stamped pumpkins, and most importantly! Soft colors to suit all the warm air.

Take some time to convert your outdoors 

Take advantage of the weather and construct a place to enjoy it! The fresh fall air is perfect to delight with friends and family. Place string lights (the ones you use for Christmas season) on the roof of your house, furry cushions, and lanterns.

What else can make your outdoor comfy? Comment below!

Put plants according to the season

After decorating the Barcelona bench or your favorite bench, you can hang orange-tinted foliage, it will slide from summer to fall in an instant.

Give the corn husks another use

The door is an important piece for any decoration, use large corn husks to dress your doors with a garland and wreath, made from corn, in this way you will place ecological decorations while making outstanding details.