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Interior Design is about balance. To combine certain elements to obtain an expected result, useful, beautiful, and endurable. Use your creativity, abilities, and budget in a balanced way and you can get wonderful results, whether in your living room, kitchen, or any other space of your house.

Barcelona Bench

The most important task for an Interior Designer is the correct use of space. For that, it requires some technical expertise to deal with the measures of room and the furniture within it. In fact, many problems around design, or “design dilemmas” has to do with the wise use of space, whether they be large or small spaces. 

So, what if we have a tool that is not only useful but pretty and sleek?

This is what happens with the Barcelona Bench series. Designed to be used as a versatile alternative, the Barcelona Bench provides you with more than one solution:

  1. In Small Spaces: One very common problem, in a reduced surface living room you should choose between an additional seat if you need it, or a coffee table for your drinks, when you receive a guest. Use your Barcelona Bench 2 Seater or 3 Seater as a center table or coffee table that can be used as a tool to gain some extra seats if more guests are coming. Its clean-cut, sleek design will work perfectly in both ways. in your living room.
  2. In Large Spaces: Do you have large halls or big corners without a defined use? Barcelona Bench is a wonderful way to fill spaces with elegance. Along a corridor, it works as an extra seat or a surface to store some personal effects, like your purse or some college books. Do you have a big window with a pretty view? A Barcelona Bench 3 seater or Daybed gets perfectly below the window. It creates a sensation of relaxation, comfort, and elegance facing your view. 

The items that form the Barcelona Collection, like the Barcelona Bench, are in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high prices of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea while providing thoughtful customer service.