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Much has been said about this fabulous design that the Castiglioni brothers delivered to the world in 1962, which was destined to become such a popular product that it became present in at least 10% of Italian homes.

It’s no wonder that the Arco lamp, with its innovative technical features and sleek minimalist aesthetics, has achieved these numbers which for marketing purposes means astronomical reach. However, it’s not only about numbers and sales but about the influence it had within its category. To this day, it continues to be a point of reference for understanding Modernism.

The technical advantages of the Arco lamp are evident from the moment the user turns it on and implement it as a source of overhead lighting. The person can direct the beam of light towards the specific point where it’s needed, unlike other floor lamps that also give overhead lighting but just ambient lighting, not direct.

This represented a great innovation because, also, the lamp can be moved freely around the reflector head without fear of tripping over the device’s base, which could be located even at a distance of two meters.

A Transformative and Amazing Detail

It’s precisely in the detail of the base where one of the lamp’s keys and its functional success lies. At the same time, it’s an aesthetic triumph since the Italians decided to add, instead of something too rustic like concrete, a piece of solid Carrara marble in the shape of a parallelepiped to give balance, firmness, and stability to the lamp.

Carrara marble is not just any type of marble, but it’s one of the best valued and appreciated in the world of interior design and decor because it’s the same type of marble that’s present in many architectural works of antiquity and even in the sculptures by Michelangelo.

The addition of this type of marble is so respected and represents the distinctive element so remarkable in this design that even the most faithful knock offs of the model, such as the Arco lamp replica from Barcelona Design, also include it, fully emulating its dimensions and details.

The Castiglioni thought of everything, and it didn’t take much trouble to imagine that users and especially housewives could have problems when moving the lamp from one place to another due to having such a heavy base. That’s why they added a cylindrical hole that goes through the piece of marble, in which a broomstick can be inserted to move the piece from one place to another within the house much more easily.

The marble piece turned out to be so functional that it can even be used as a stool or temporary holder for small objects such as house keys, cell phone, or remote control. Small decorative objects can also be placed on top to give it more personality and originality.

If you make a small list of the advantages that this model offers to users, you’ll quickly realize why the Arco lamp reproduction is not like the other floor lamps; not even like the other arched lamps, but it’s an exceptional piece, very useful and very beautiful, which is also the vivid reflection of the Mid-Century Modern style.