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Ambient lighting is usually overhead lighting used to illuminate an entire room. It is the most common (and sometimes the only known) method for illuminating a space. Some people believe that choosing a good looking ceiling lamp is the only thing you need to do in order to create good ambient lighting, but this is not the case. Ambient lights affect how your space looks greatly, and will definitely affect how you experience it.

Arco Floor Lamp

In many cases, for example, it is preferable to consider smaller lights, placed strategically around a room to avoid certain issues. Ambient lighting tends to be much stronger than other types of lighting, which means that relying on it for all of our daily activities can lead to a disruption of your sleep pattern, for example.

A room’s primary source of light will probably always be a ceiling ambient light, though there are exceptions. Another point to consider is that ambient lighting doesn’t have to come from a single source. Some of the best solutions include setting up an array of smaller fixtures in order to comprehensively light up an entire room.

Using the Arco Lamp replica as an ambient light

The most important aspect of ambient lighting is that it will definitely set up the mood of your space, and this is where the Arco lamp replica comes into play. If the room is too bright the colors will look more vibrant, and the overall mood will be less heavy. A lot of general lighting makes a room seem bigger and more flexible, but it can get to be too energetic and overwhelming. That is why many people choose to relegate ambient lights to the main area of their space (i.e., a living room), while keeping the other rooms on the space less illuminated.

The Arco lamp replica is perfect to create a certain environment that’s illuminated enough but not too overwhelming. The huge arch makes the head of the head hang at enough distance from the ground to illuminate an entire room. The holes on the upper part of the lamp also help distribute the light towards the ceiling and across the space without any glare problems, and the length of the arch makes it easier for people to set it up on a corner with the lamp facing towards the center of the room, which makes for a great ambient light solution on a single space, preferably a living room or bedroom.

Other considerations when buying your Arco Lamp replica

If you choose to neglect ambient lighting that doesn’t have to be a bad choice. A darker room will make your space feel somewhat smaller than it actually is, but that doesn’t have to be negative. In fact, darker rooms can feel cozier, calmer. Low lighting is great for relaxation and warmth. The Arco lamp reproduction from Barcelona Designs comes with an integrated dimmer to control the light output, which means that you can also accomplish this particular look with it. Natural light (the one that comes from the Sun) is also a very important part of ambient lighting. You always need to take natural light into consideration because it might be everything you need sometimes. The Arco Lamp replica can help you make the most of artificial lighting so you can enjoy natural light the way you need to every morning.

One last piece of advice about ambient lights: always try to use warm light (incandescent bulbs) whenever you can for ambient lighting. The Arco Lamp replica works much better with a warm incandescent bulb, as the light it gives off tends to permeate an entire room like an aura. You can save fluorescent light for the smaller spaces in your house, where light is a question of utility and not aesthetics. Warm light feels more natural to us as human beings, and it promotes relaxation. On the other hand, cool light will energize you, but can get weary after a while.