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Many people turn to the services of a professional when it’s time to remodel and give a new face to the internal spaces of a house. You are probably one of them; If so, you should know that the first idea suggested by them to cover the needs of interior lighting is to install a ceiling lamp. Ceiling lamps are usually very practical if they are installed at a correct point on the ceiling, and have an infinite catalog of very different models from which you can choose the most convenient. However, a floor lamp such as the Arco lamp may be the smartest option to meet your interior lighting needs, since this lamp design offers technical and aesthetic advantages that may be more appropriate for the use you want to give to your space.

Discovering The Legend

The Arco lamp reproduction is part of the group of iconic mid-century modern style designs, and quickly became the favorite of millions of professional designers and common users around the globe. It was designed by the brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni in 1962. It’s a design known for being very attractive and capable of embellishing any space, regardless of the type of environment. Also, the technical advantages of this design make it unique in its style: the lamp allows you to point the light in the direction you need it most, it’s easy to move and its curved shape makes it a good choice for both domestic environments and office.

The Arco lamp replica is a perfect example of how a floor lamp can provide an improvement in the lighting of your space without the need for a professional designer since this model has the ideal technical and aesthetic characteristics for any living room that wants to be seen in all its splendor.