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Commonly, a decoration is focused on some attractive object that distinguishes it with its own style. Although it doesn’t necessarily have to be the focal point of a layout, the presence of a large metallic element with a defined style is capable of providing a lot of strength and originality to the space where it’s decided to place. The Arco lamp is an excellent example of how you can integrate an ornament of great presence and importance to interior design and give an impressive touch of elegance and majesty. At the same time, the Arco floor lamp is an object of great utility, with very practical and convenient functionality for any space where it’s placed.

Arco lamp
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The Arco floor lamp became an icon of the Mid-Century Modern style precisely because of the great contribution of distinction that it can add to a layout. This style is characterized by geometric and simple designs, which don’t take up too much space and are highly aesthetic and functional. Besides, many of these pieces have wood as their main component, a material that contrasts very well in sight with any metallic tone. Also, its base of authentic Italian Carrara marble makes this floor lamp, by itself, an ornament of incredible good taste.