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The originality of decor can be achieved through various tools, and visual dynamism is one of them. It’s just one of the aspects that will probably go unnoticed by professional decorators and fans of interior design, or that will probably lose importance compared to other more obvious aspects. Some objects such as the Arco lamp are designed to function as a great source of support in that purpose of achieving adequate visual dynamism, not only because they can help achieve balanced and more complete lighting, but also help to improve aesthetic coherence, the harmony between the different materials, and choosing the most suitable focal point more successfully.

The success that has accompanied the Arco lamp since it was launched on the market in 1962 by the FLOS brand has been backed by a very noble and justified reputation since it has been said that this design, if used with the appropriate decor strategy, It’s capable of helping to improve each of the aforementioned aspects. Not all iconic designs from the Mid-Century Modern style will likely fulfill these kinds of functions in the same way, as the Castiglioni brothers strove to create a highly efficient piece that was capable of standing out not only for its most important technical functions but also for its aesthetic attributes.

The Arco Lamp Is Much More Than a Fixture: It’s a Source of Solutions

The curved shape of the Arco lamp is inspired by the headlight design that was common to find in its time on any street. The main idea that its creators had was to create an artifact that could be supported on the floor and could project overhead light efficiently without the base being too close to the light source, that is, to the reflector head. Floor lamps didn’t offer this feature, and curved designs were not a very popular thing that could normally be found in this type of artifacts, so its appearance was a very important novelty.

However, the Castiglioni achieved their main objective with great success: the base of the Arco lamp can be installed in a corner separated up to two meters from the reflector head, that is, the point from which the light will flow, without the risk for the user of tripping over it. To cite a practical example, imagine that you’re working at a large table or desk, in a room without ceiling lamps, or where those lamps don’t provide you with a powerful enough light, and you need to use a light source capable of lighting from above, but you don’t have the money or the time to buy and install a ceiling light. You need a more immediate solution, and you have an Arco lamp at home.

What to do? The solution is obvious: the Arco lamp will not only give you the intense and localized light that you require to carry out your work, but you’ll be able to move freely around it without the inconvenience of finding the base constantly obstructing the path and making the process much more uncomfortable. This is just one example of the contribution your lamp can make in a technical and functional sense. Aesthetically, this design has something that distinguishes it strongly, not only from among other floor lamps in general but also from other lamps which designs have wanted to approximate it: its spectacular base made of authentic Carrara marble.

Accompany Your Arco Lamp With Other Iconic Models To Create The Perfect MCM Layout

The combination of marble with the shiny finish of its stainless steel arch, make this design an amazing model that will stand out in any place you choose to fix it. The Arco lamp supports visual dynamism with its aesthetic strength, especially if the colors chosen for the environment generate an excellent contrast with the tonality of its materials.

Its design is impressive, with soft lines and geometric shapes compatible with practically any modern style decoration. If you also have a preference for other popular and recognized pieces within the Mid-Century Modern style, such as the Eames Lounge Chair, the Shell Chair, the Barcelona sofa, among others, you’ll be configuring a space with very high iconic and expressive power.

The Arco Lamp Is a Simple and Easy-To-Use Instrument

Most of the furniture and fixtures that are classified within that style have as a common characteristic that they’re focused on aesthetics and functionality, and many of them achieve a perfect balance in that regard. The Arco lamp is easily identifiable by its curved arm that measures up to 78 inches from the marble base to the reflector. Naturally, it’s an attractive shape that’s easily eye-catching and user-friendly. Its simplicity is based on the lack of ornamental details or excessive accessories that make it appear saturated with unnecessary attributes, which is very typical of MCM.

As you’ve seen throughout this article, the visual dynamism is given by several important characteristics related to the decoration of a space, and this design, with its impressive and at the same time soft shape, is perfect for any area of the house, either to work or a common use area. You can get an Arco lamp replica on the market with great ease since some specialized companies such as Barcelona Designs include this and other models in their catalogs with characteristics surprisingly similar to those of the original product, taking into account both technical and aesthetic details.

Reduce Costs and Get a Category-Top Piece For Your Indoors

An Arco lamp reproduction, besides, has a cost well below the original product patented by FLOS, since it’s possible to buy one of these pieces for up to three or four times less than the original design’s cost. The living room, bedroom, or even the dining room will welcome this new member with which you’ll not only be able to achieve a more successful visual dynamism but also have in your spaces as an iconic, very famous model, perfect for users who value a lot function, preferred by modern and minimalist lovers. Make your home or office a more pragmatic and enjoyable area with this masterful piece from the middle of the century that will continue to look current even for many years to come.