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There’s a reason why marble has always been associated with elegance, good taste, professionalism, and luxury. Not only is it a material that produces a wonderful aesthetic effect, but it symbolizes greatness, power, and a very refined style. Some famous fixtures such as the Arco lamp owe much of its popularity to the fact that they have integrated this material into their design.

The marble looks good, works well and is also very durable. This Arco floor lamp features a rectangular Italian Carrara Marble Base with a beveled corner that provides a solid, reliable foundation for its Stainless Steel Arch. Besides, Carrara marble is not a common type of marble. This marble has been used since ancient Roman times in various large-scale buildings and even in iconic sculptures such as Michelangelo’s.

Currently, the marble enjoys the prestige that hundreds of years of prominence left it, and is recognized by interior design professionals as an element of great exclusivity. Not anyone can, for example, have marble floors in their home; however, there is a great preference for this precious material. Those who enjoy the privilege of having many ornaments of this material know that they have a pretty classy element in their homes, just like those with an Arco lamp. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more wonderful examples of this trend.