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If you already have your interior design and décor project in mind and you know roughly what you’re looking for and need, the process is probably much easier for you than you imagine, as long as you make the correct selection of furniture and accessories to equip your environments.

Everyone wants comfortable compartments in which users can enjoy great ergonomics while being a reflection of the owner’s personality. Achieving this balance is not always easy, especially if you’re a demanding person. However, having important tools, such as an Arco lamp, can make the difference between insufficient space and an extraordinary one.

From a certain point of view, the Arco lamp is simply a complement that can reinforce the most important layers of the lighting design but, in reality, this is only one of the many aspects that must be taken into account for the result to be satisfactory.

When the time comes to design your floor plans, you must take into account all the imaginable aspects that can influence your lifestyle, your mood, and what you want to express through your style. Both natural and artificial light plays a vital role in that process, as improper lighting design can ruin the rest of the effort.

A Source of Lighting Solutions

When a compartment doesn’t have optimal lighting, the colors don’t look as they should, the eyes are tired, the area becomes less functional because you have to skip the possibility of doing manual tasks or even setting up a small home office there. Generally speaking, it can become an unpleasant environment.

An example of inadequate lighting design is a living room with a very high ceiling in which wall lamps and ceiling lamps can be installed whose light power is not enough for the place to be used comfortably. In those cases, overhead lighting can be achieved by other means, and one way to get this is through an Arco lamp.

Even some products such as the Arco Lamp replica by Barcelona Designs faithfully emulate the technical characteristics specified by the Castiglioni brothers in the original piece. In other words, it’s a lamp that offers overhead light, even when the user is two meters from the robust marble base that gives stability and balance to the piece.

Besides, the reflector head allows the light beam to be redirected to the point where it’s most needed. Therefore, the lamp is especially recommended for reinforcing task-based lighting and for environments with very large ceilings where putting a pendant lamp is not very feasible or convenient.

When we talk about optimal lighting design, we are not exactly referring to overwhelming results. Actually, simplicity and practicality are typical characteristics of the MCM. They are usually minimalist environments in which “less is more”; however, some pieces such as the Arco lamp stand out both in a technical and aesthetic sense that they’re usually sufficient in many cases.

Remember that you don’t need to invest a fortune in an Arco Lamp reproduction considering that these pieces are sold at a price that represents only a fraction of the cost of the authentic product.