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It’s that time of the year again when people like to hang out in patio and have some summer barbeque fun with family and friends. Well if you are planning to get a new patio set for your backyard then you need to stop and think for a minute. Buying patio set is a big investment. And the material that your furniture is made of will determine how long it will last. Marina 10 piece Outdoor Patio teak sofa set from Barcelona designs can a perfect addition to your patio or backyard. This patio set is made with premium brand teak wood. The furniture set has low maintenance and you can enjoy this set in your backyard forever. Here are top four reasons why you should be having this patio furniture made of teak wood in your backyard.

Weather Resistant
Teak is the strongest, hardest and the most durable hardwoods of all. It is because of these qualities, this wood quickly became a popular pick for outdoor furniture by interior designers. Teak wood can withstand all types of weather. This wood has natural oil that repels the water and protects the wood from cracking, wrapping or becoming brittle. So, patio furniture made of teak wood will withstand the harshness of thunderstorms, winter storms and the broiling heat of summer sun.

Pest Resistant
The oils and resins naturally produced by the wood not only protect it from the weather but also keep the insects and pests away. You do not have to worry about pest killing the wood when left outside for days.

Low Maintenance
Patio furniture made from teak wood does not need any paint or varnish to make it last long. Because of the high oil content present in the wood, the furniture will fade to an even colored patina over some period of time. At no point the furniture will look patchy.

Lasts Forever
Teak wood is very strong and any furniture built with this wood lasts forever. There are benches in England that have been made centuries ago. Even today you can find them standing good.
Furniture made with teak wood looks beautiful and adds elegance to any space where it is placed. The furniture piece does not get faded and stays beautiful forever.