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From a young age, we are taught to dream big. But we are also reminded along the winding path to adulthood to be realistic, and dreams tend to be the opposite. With these two conflicting notions, it seems that the prospect of a dream becoming a reality is slim.   While we at Barcelona Designs cannot offer any life choices to attain your big dreams, we bear pleasant news to those seeking to build a dream home or indoor space. Living in the space of your dreams, is not only plausible, it’s also doable.

It is not uncommon that “dream homes” are often stocked with midcentury modern furniture.  This is no coincidence; the midcentury modern movement pioneered some of the most innovative methods to create furniture, giving way to inventive pieces of furniture itself.  Take a look how you can take easy interior design steps to enhance your indoor space and bring you closer to achieving the home of your dreams.

Let there be light!

There is no other lighting fixture stemming from the midcentury modern movement quite as acclaimed as the Arco lamp. This arch floor lamp extends widely via  a mighty, extensive pole, or arch. It gracefully leans over a designated space, which becomes all the more aesthetic from its presence.  The top of the bulb is smattered with 126 individual holes that allow more light to permeate.  This also creates a unique lighting effect.  It also stand atop a thick marble block, which not only gives it more weight and stability, but also augments its look. Give your dream home all the more dreamy with a lamp that can substitute for art or a major piece of furniture.

Quirky Chairs:

Every room could benefit from a piece of furniture that stands out from the rest, with something that’s quick to meet the eyes. The Swan Chair provides that sort of magic, with its quirky shape that is somewhat reminiscent of a clover. With a body that can be used as arm rests, this chair is perfect for taking a five and beautifying a room. Another such chair is the Wingback Egg Chair, which, like the Swan Chair is also designed by Arne Jacobsen. Leather furniture is already instantly noticeable but have you ever seen leather drape these exotically-shaped chairs? They become straightaway eye catchers. As this scenario shows, these chairs can even be applied to a dream bedroom.

Lounge Away!

Midcentury lounge chairs are some of the best furnishings for any room as they decorate it and also provide a comfortable resting experience. One of the most unique loungers is the LC4 Lounge Chaise, pictured at the far right. A zig-zagging body sits atop a crescent stainless steel frame that sits atop a four-legged base. If that’s not a unique site, we don’t know what is. The chaise lounge is also attached with a cylindrical cushion.  The two chairs standing behind the LC$ replica are the Bauhaus-styled Wassily chairs, made of a tubular steel body with leather accented panels. Like many lounge chairs, the Wassily chairs have a seat that is positioned upward. But few chairs have a look as futuristic as this. Adapting these unique lounge chairs will up the cool factor, not to mention the relaxation magnitude of your dream room. They can also sit by the entrance of a house.

Adding a Dash of Barcelona:

Nothing is more telling of the Bauhaus style than Barcelona furniture, ie a collection designed by Mies van der Rohe. One of the founding fathers of the Bauhaus movement.Mies van der Rohe pioneered furniture inventions that were unprecedented. The Barcelona chair sparked the creation of the Barcelona line, with its sleek, geometric chairs, benches, a daybed and more. These pieces add the wow factor to any plain room. Even if you don’t live in a mansion, the Barcelona line will give your indoor space the million dollar look.

Combining Different Pieces:

Dream homes will have spaces that lead to other spaces, as not everything indoors has a clear barrier between two rooms. This should not be an obstacle that mars your dream house. In this scenario one long indoor space appears to contain a living room and a dining room.  This room mingles the coffee table, a swinging chair, a loft couch and further inside, there’s a sideboard and a beautiful area of Tulip furniture. Tulip furniture denotes the Tulip chair and matching tulip tables, which exude a pristine look form the sleek fiberglass. When put together, these pieces create an air of exuberance and make this home welcoming to al that glance upon it.