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Beautiful, elegant and so comfortable, these are some of the words that come to our minds the moment we come across a Pelican Chair. How does this gorgeous creation by Finn Juhl pleases our senses and give us this impressive look?, let’s dig in a little bit about it.

A gorgeous abstract piece of design

The Pelican Chair is a widely contoured accent chair supported by four slanted wood legs. Its continued shape and massive back and arms rest project a relaxed, comfortable feeling, in a very luxurious shape and materials. Though it looks somehow simple, its shape makes us feel beauty and elegance. Beyond the idea of functionality, the Pelican chair brings beauty and presence in every space, and that makes it a perfect sample of an accent chair.

The sense of comfort emanated by the Pelican Chair is so vivid, that someone said that is a chair that gives you a “friendly hug”.

In the current brand versions, the Pelican Chair is manufactured with a cushion, upholstered with leather or fabric. Their graceful slanted legs are made of oak or walnut. The fabric is usually regular textile, Scandilock, or sheepskin. Its dimensions are 85 cm width, 76 cm depth, and 68 cm height. The height of the seat of the Pelican Chair is 37 cm.

A First Class Pelican Chair Knock Off

You may have a crush on the Pelican Chair, as anyone with good sense may have, but just a few can afford the insane prices of an original piece. For all enthusiasts and lovers of modern furniture and interior design, the smart choice is the market of replicas. Barcelona Designs has the best Pelican KnockOff on the market, with a true commitment to the original design and the best materials in the market.

The Pelican Chair Replica, by Barcelona Design

With a long-term commitment to quality, the Pelican Chair Replica by Barcelona Design meets all the quality standards established by its creator, in the search for a chair that hugs you every time you seat. An original chair has measures of  26.7″ height, 33.4″ width, a seat height of 14.5″, and a seat depth of 29.9″. On the other hand, a Barcelona Designs Pelican Chair Replica has 26.8 height, 33.6 width, a seat high of 15.5 “, and a seat depth of 29.9, so you can see that the dimensions of the original design remain the same.

On the other hand, the Barcelona Designs Pelican Chair Replica has all the quality features to bring you a real Finn Juhl experience, as:

Solid wood slanted legs with walnut or natural ash finish

Fabric and Classic Suede upholstery

A strong molded fiberglass shell, with high-quality urethane foam

High elasticity dacron-wrapped foam with genuine down feather layer

Additionally, the Pelican Chair KnockOff by Barcelona Designs is delivered to you fully assembled.

The best choice for your family

Can you get a better, cozier, comfortable chair to share with your family?. Once settled in the home, your Pelican Chair will be the favorite spot in the house for your children, for you…And for your cat, too.   Besides its wonderful, all the materials of the Pelican Chair KnockOff by Barcelona Designs are fire resistant and non-toxic.

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