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Let’s take a look at the Barcelona Collection, the furniture collection made by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and iconic image of the Mid Century Modern Style.

The Barcelona Collection is the entire sum of the set of furniture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. This collection has a great impact on the world of Interior Design and furniture, due to the revolutionary changes that it brought in an early date like 1929.

The Barcelona Collection was part of the German Pavilion of this International Exposition. This Exposition was characterized by its minimalism. Besides, furniture the pavilion was decorated only with one Sculpture and two ponds. But the impact of the Barcelona Collection was huge and it can be traced till now, due to the huge popularity of each one of its components. 

What items are in the Barcelona Collection?

The Barcelona Collection works fine as a whole set for your space, either in your home or your workspace. But each item has great value as an individual piece, as we will see.

The Barcelona Chair

Its the pivotal creation of the Barcelona Collection. Its iconic shape is formed by a unique frame, of an “X” shape and made of shiny stainless steel. Above this frame, its cushions are upholstered with aniline leather, giving the Barcelona Chair its shiny, textured prime quality leather. Each cushion surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing. Wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery, this special fabric allows the airflow in the cushions. This way you always feel comfortable every time you sit in. Its classic presentation is in black or white, but there are some special color presentations that can fit very well in several spaces. The classic colors that are used in the Barcelona Chair are black or white, but there are demanded variations, like Tan or Brown that fit in almost any space. These colors work very well when the Barcelona Chair is used as an accent chair. 

The Barcelona Sofa

The extension of the concept of the Barcelona Chair, to a three-seat sofa. Barcelona Sofa has all the presence and elegance to become a focal point of the room. Just like the Barcelona Chair, its classic colors are black or white, but there are some variations to adapt to every space. 

The Barcelona Loveseat

The presentation of the concept of the Barcelona Chair extended to a two-seat piece. Just like the Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Loveseat, its available in black or white, but some other colors are used, depending on the particular space you want to decor. 

The Barcelona Table

A very elegant, light table, that can be used both in office institutional spaces or in personal, familiar spaces. The Barcelona Table has a chromed, shiny base made of stainless steel, that supports a glass top. The Barcelona Table has a squared shape, and it works very well as a furniture piece to make your living room lighter and clear. It offers good contrast with the solid volume of leather seats of the Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Sofa, and the Barcelona Loveseat. 

The Barcelona Ottoman

A great sidekick to be with you, not only in your living room but your bedroom or your family room, the Barcelona Ottoman is a beautiful object that is functional and aesthetic at the same time. Use your Barcelona Ottoman to rest your feet at the end of a busy day. Use your tour Barcelona Ottoman to place some magazines and as a surface to storage some light items. Anyway, the Barcelona Ottoman is so elegant and convenient that it can be used in any space of the house, as a functional object or just as a decor element. If you have a dark, heavy space, you can bring a white Barcelona Ottoman to clear the space; or even in the other way around, for a place with an excess of clear and white colors, you can use your Barcelona Ottoman as a character piece, when it’s presented in solid black. Besides the classical white and black, the Barcelona Ottoman is presented in tan and brown.

The Barcelona Bench

It could be considered as a humble element, but nothing is more versatile than a Barcelona Bench. It works easily as an extra seat surface in your living room, as a center table, or just as a decorative object. Use your Barcelona Bench to place your coffee and magazines on a Saturday morning, but set them free in the evening to receive your guests and offer a good and comfortable seat without overcrowding your space with chairs and legs. This convenient piece comes in two sizes: The Barcelona Bench 2 seater, and the Barcelona Bench 3 seater. 

 The Barcelona Daybed

Made of reminiscences of the Roman Empire and the Egyptian Empire, you can be easily impressed by the timeless beauty of the Barcelona Daybed. According to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, he searched for inspo in the relaxed furniture pieces used by Pharaons. Its something you can easily notice when you contemplate its graceful silhouette ending in its rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushioning platform with a pretty set of straps. The Barcelona Daybed can be used in large spaces, for example, below a window, or in a clear hall. The Barcelona Daybed brings elegance and beauty in white or black presentations. 

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