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The Eames lounge chair replica is a midcentury lounge chair of the highest order.  No other chair from the midcentury movement has risen with such style, utility and fame as the Eames Lounge chair. Designed by American design power couple Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, this lounge chair and ottoman continue to be manufactured by hundreds of replica companies, but only Barcelona Designs offers  an Eames lounge chair and ottoman replica with the exact specifications of the original chair with a sturdy shock mount. (Barcelona designs uses silicon while the rest use rubber which is far inferior in terms of strength and durability.) If you’re curious about how the Eames lounge chair will hold up in your indoor space, below is an assemblage of how to style various indoor areas with the Eames lounge chair replica.

A Well-Stocked living Room

A great living room leaves little to be desired and this is usually the case in a fully-furnished living room such as this one.  Each side of this living room is furnished with something, even the walls.  A living room like this is great with people who owns many furniture accessories, souvenirs or trinkets, or simply those who appreciate a furnished space.  Leather is one of the themes in this livig room, but it is not confined to color, as the sofa is white, while the Eames lounge chair replica and LC2 replica, which is called the Cuscino Grande chair, are black.  Without the Eames lounge chair, the upper right area would look bare, but what is most apt about the Eames lounge replica being posited there is its closeness to the TV stand. The TV stand comes in a light wood, which nicely matches the wooden veneers of the lounge chair.  All in all, this living room balances the major colors of brown, white and black with major pieces that display these. Every area that can contain something does so, like the window sill, the TV stand, coffee bench and dresser, accessories galore!

A Special Rustic Look:

A host of wooden furniture creates rustic overtones and this living area provides a sophisticated take on the rustic aesthetic.  Sophistication lies in the addition of the writing desk, which adds a tinge of intellectual pursuits to this living space.  It is also a great place to mount accessories such as the wall clock and horse statuette. Speaking of horses, they pair well with the rustic look and appear twice: on the desk and shelves.  In this scenario, the brown Eames lounge chair is appropriately selected to maintain the rustic vibes.  Even the wall art in the back takes up a lightly wooden appearance.  The grey floors match nicely with the Florence loft sofa replica, which is also grey, with light grey cushions as an added decoration. The Concord floor lamp replica, much like the Eames lounge chair is a unique midcentury piece. This towering light source looks more like a piece of art and  is a great addition to the rustic look with its dark brown legs.

Study Areas

This large, open space encompasses a living space, a dining area and a study. While this setup is very unique, it is not uncommon for a house to include a large area that does not include any borders or defined areas. The only partition in this setup is the bookshelves, which act as a kind of wall that separate the study area from the dining space. The study, along with the slight living room area utilizes a pink, black and white color scheme, a consistency that plays well in an otherwise anarchic space.  Interestingly enough, it is the books in the study that are most faithful to this color scheme. The Eames chair provides a comforting seating option for an area that can double for studying and meeting up, with its use of the other stylized chairs and the sectional sofa that’s our back.  Both the Phillipe Starke chairs and the Eames lounge replica add on a layer of style and sophistication to this sitting space. You’ll be getting you read on in style, or at least getting a truly relaxing experience.

Cozying up by the Fireplace

Spending time and creating memories by the fireplace should be done with the best furniture. There is no other seating furniture more appropriate to be placed by the fireplace.  The Eames lounge chair replica is sleek and shaped with three body rests (the headrest, seat and backrest). Its beautiful form merits its place next to another such piece of beauty. Of course, the Eames lounge chair replica can brighten up any space, be it with equally stunning furniture or ones that are “less then,” but a fireplace is a special area that most would like to allot their time in. In this scenario, this living space has high-rising walls, allowing for patterned wallpapers, and stacked accessories.  You do not need to own a house such a large and high rising floor, but can utilize the design in this setup by placing the Eames Lounge chair replica atop a carpet or rug, position it beside a fireplace and add some accessories such as vases to the wall of the fireplace. Voila! A major part of the living room is adorned.

Maximizing the Comfort of a Bedroom

There is a reason that someone’s bedroom is often referred to as simply as their room.  The bedroom is a sanctuary that should provide the utmost comfort and relaxation. This can be done without sacrificing the quality of interior design. The Eames lounge chair replica is great for bedrooms, as  it takes the toll of weight away from the bed; it’s an alternate form of furniture to aid you when you are tired or in need of relaxation. This bedroom employs two Eames lounge chair replicas, ne with the ottoman and one without. The Eames chair with the ottoman directly in front of it stands beside a large window, presumably one that leads to a balcony. For a great viewing experience, the ottoman is necessary to kick back and stare into the outdoors. The Other Eames lounge chair replica serves a more decorative purpose, standing right in front of a dresser.  While the room is dominated by white and green accents, from the plants, to the curtains, to the bedspread, the Eames lounge chair replicas serve as an alternate color with black and brown and a chic style to an otherwise plain bedroom.  The Eames lounge chair replica even merits its own side table, the Eileen Grey, a sleek midcentury number.