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Furniture and Pets
Source: Isabel Clownsnack

When it comes to sofas & pets, there is no easy answer. Cats and dogs tend to scratch and sit around our furniture from time to time, or intensely, if the couch is their kind!

There is not a really “pet resistant” surface in furniture, since furniture is made for humans. Nevertheless, leather is considered more proper material for pets, because of its strength. Take care of using very good quality imitation or real leather. Other materials considered pet-friendly are tight weave fabrics like denim and canvas.

A beautiful, good looking and resistant sofa is the LC5 Sofa Bed. Designed by Le Corbusier, the Le Corbusier LC5 Sofa has leather and chrome steel as main materials. So, it’s perfect for a house with pets; there is no wood scratched, or stained fabrics. An all this without talking about its beauty and elegance.

Le Corbusier Jeanneret Perriand

You can find it in Barcelona Designs.

And a final suggestion: don’t forget to cut your pet’s nails every month! It will be better for everybody.