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Trends come and go as usual, and this 2022, some that stayed with us for years, are no longer desired or useful.

We are all getting out of the pandemic lockdowns and transit restrictions, and while  we are trying to start in a new normal way,  we will drop some habits and take other ones. When it comes to your house interior design, take a look at what’s off, and trust in Barcelona Designs as your partner to take your spaces at the top of the trends.

And say good bye to…

Open Floor Homes

Just like it happened with open office, the open concept for our home took great relevance at least during three decades. The convenience of one single eye line landscape is quite clear for small and medium-size homes: A clear place that allows you to check what’s about your children while keep on doing the dishes has an outstanding advantage.

Nevertheless, times are changing, and waves of people  turning into teleworking are reshaping the convenience of an open floor plan in your house for the need of some privacy, isolation and facilities, at least in your Home Office space. So, for all people able to make some reshuffle of their spaces, changes in the open plan are on the way.

The All-White Space

Are white rooms leaving us?

The rise of Scandinavian in the end of the 1990s brought a cool breeze of natural and spiritual roots. That trend worked very well along with Mid Century Modern and have ruled a significant part of the world of décor since then. Nowadays, though, it seems like the prevalence of all-white spaces of clear walls and furniture had enough exposition, and some color is welcomed now in every corner, with the proverbial use of traditional management color advices. Earthy and natural hues are now taking the lead.

Useless Ornaments

Some basic rules of classic interior design schools are still relevant, and that’s the case with ornaments in general. When ornament doesn’t have a functional feature, it’s not desirable. Some décor trends like Coastal Living, Grandmillenial, or Boho tend to motivate ornament as a key element of interior design (think about hanging plates, sailor-styled ornaments, sculptures), but it looks like minimalism is still quite well appreciated by most of the dominant forces of décor, like Mid Century Modern, Japandi or just contemporary design.

“Boxy Sofas?”

When it comes to sofas and loveseats, there is no doubt that rounded, bubbled furniture is the dominant trend for today’s home. Curvy, colorful designs are what we expect to see, either in design blogs or TV shows. A typical hot star is the Bellini Sofa, with its rounded shapes and its characteristic “bubbled” texture that makes it one of the most looked pieces right now. Low-Slung, lounge style pieces like the Mario Bellini creation, the Bellini Sofa, is the image of a modern, relaxed stylish home.

The Bellini Sofa is a Winner this 2022

So, when it comes to squared pieces, they don’t seem now  to be at the top of preferences, with the noble exception of classic timeless pieces like a LC3 Sofa or a Sven Style Sofa.

If you want to enter in the world of classic masterworks  of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Designs, the place for classic pieces, like the Bellini Sofa and the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair.