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In recent surveys, Rustic Style has began to look favored by the public as the favorite choice when it comes to house décor. Though Rustic Style has always been popular, in the past decades  the influence of Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian and more recently Coastal Living made it look a little off. But it doesn’t seem that way anymore and that trend is here reclaiming its place.  What is Rustic Style made of? Let’s see.

When does Rustic Style come from?

Rustic Style is one natural result of the way of living of American settlers in the ends of XIX and begging of the XXth century. With big waves of immigrants arriving to America, the living conditions were harsh, and the availability of materials scarce, so the original setter had to deal only with the resources at the reach of its hand, to make a new beginning and start a home.

One Style where details and imperfections are welcomed

That’s a very good way to define Rustic Style. Here, comfort is the main objective, simplicity is highly appreciated and natural materials the way of get it.

Wood, stone, animal antlers and carves were the original materials of Rustic Style. Of course we are now in the 2020 and things have change a little bit, but the emphasize in this Style it’s the same: natural materials as they are, with all its imperfections and details, because they are cherished here.

Principles of Rustic Style:

  • Colors: Browns, Beiges, Whites
  • Shapes: Rugged; Natural
  • Fixture finishes: Metal. Iron, Cooper, Brass.
  • Aesthetic: Comfortable. Rugged. Details and surfaces are welcomed.

But now Rustic can take elements from another styles while it matches with some its main principles: Wood is always an excellent way to create some variety. A Hans Wegner Shell Chair, a Napa Sofa, and even a Hans Wegner Flag Halyard are very good choices. This way a the great sense of relax and comfort of a Rustic living room is complemented with a final layer of elegance, noble wood and comfort of Mid Century Modern classics.

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