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It’s time to make some serious decisions about our home office. Now that working from home (WFH) became such a big trend, its expected that our personal space take a lot more of space and means.

Eames Softpad Executive Chair
Eames Softpad Chairj

In such conditions, its expected that our home office became a comfortable, pleasant space. You can achieve that if your main piece of furniture, your chair, is not comfortable and healthy enough.
Charles and Roy Eames developed the Eames Office Chair series in 1958 and gave the final push to the modern office. Their concept of ergonomics was very clear at the moment, with a design that incorporated the three main ergonomics elements: Height; arms, and back support. 

Eames Ribbed Management Chair
The Eames Office Ribbed Chair


For a chair, is fundamental that its height harmonizes with two elements: the arms – desk proper level, and the seat height.  For this, its necessary that the user’s thighs keep in parallel with the floor. Besides, most of the tables have an average height of 29″, so, it’s important that our chair fits that measure.


Your arms need to rest, whether when you are actively working in your computer, or resting. Adequate support needs to be at the same level as the desk.

Back Support

The most distinctive element for an ergonomic chair is on its back support. Its the structure place where design a function collide and where chairs, whether if the chair is made for office or for accent purposes. The Eames Office Chairs have a very distinctive set of back support that gives identity to the models of the collection. Thus, we have the Eames Ribbed Office Chair, and the Eames Softpad Office Chair.
In the Eames Ribbed Chair, a series of 9 fine cushions give you the lumbar comfort that you need, in a very ergonomic way, as a continuous massage. On the other hand, the Eames Softpad Chair has to do with a focus in a more relaxed,.pleasant work hours. 

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