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American furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames created the Eames Aluminum Group of office chairs sometime in the late 50s. Those office designs were heavily marketed and sold throughout the 60s and 70s and are now a staple of office furniture everywhere in the world. One of their most successful items from the group is the ribbed office chair, which became the father of almost every ribbed task chair currently in production.

The Eames Aluminum Group of office chairs will give any office a distinctive elegance and sophisticated quality that has stayed the same since its inception. You can really find it everywhere, nowadays, but not every Eames office chair is created equal. After decades of popularity, the design has been prone to many modifications and reinventions, but true mid-century modern fans should look for a chair that truly embodies the design principles embodied by the Eames couple, and Barcelona Designs has just the one you need.

The original Eames office chair design and its copies, how do I tell them apart?

Like the wheel, the printing press, the book, the hammer, or the spoon, the Eames office chair went through a series of reinventions before it reached its final shape, one that was actually so basic, so elemental, that could not be improved further. Perfection in simplicity. As we mentioned before, this design is the one that you can find in our store, but don’t just take our word for it, let’s see how it stacks up amongst other office chair replicas in the current market.

First of all, let’s talk about dimensions: We build our Eames office chair replica following the same dimensions that made the original famous. The measurements found in all of our models completely correspond to the original catalog pieces created by the Eameses in the early 60s.

The original chair introduced many functions that we just can’t live without today, such as the swivel, gas-lift mechanism, and the shape itself, which was a great ergonomic advancement at a time before everyone even cared about ergonomics. It looks good anywhere because of its neutral color scheme, and it also doesn’t look too simple (or too complicated). The chair is very comfortable to sit on because it has a natural curve that can be adjusted by reclining. You can’t fall asleep on that chair but chances are you won’t get sleepy. The beauty of it is that it also keeps you active.

Other manufacturers will try to entice you to buy their office chair replicas by promising extra ergonomic features or added perks that the original design of the Eames office chair simply does not need. Apart from basic lifting of the seat and swivel, there’s not much that can be done in terms of comfort without compromising the integral structure of the office chair, which is already as close to perfection as it can be.

What can I expect out of this Eames office chair replica?

Regarding looks, the Eames office chair with a ribbed back became an aesthetic icon, and many would argue that its popularity relies on the futuristic aspect of its design and the combination between a thin layer of upholstery and a sturdy aluminum frame, which makes them look extremely professional and elegant.

In terms of functionality, the Eames office chair introduced a new ergonomic feel, reclining organically and providing the user with little to no room for adjustment, mainly because it isn’t needed. The chair was just automatically comfortable, but it did include some levers, and modern reproductions sport a variety of additional ergonomic perks like tilt-control, adjustable armrests, etcetera. Again, this is just for show, the chair will naturally go where you want it to go everytime you recline.

Barcelona Designs is proud to manufacture a chair that comes in full-grain Aniline leather upholstery for maximum comfort with a ribbed design that maximizes space by having thin ribbed portions instead of large ribbed portions. The difference here is that thin ribbed portions on the backrest will adjust to your spine in a much more comfortable way (just like the Eames couple originally intended), while larger ribbed portions are often a marketing scheme to make a particular office chair seem more “comfortable” than it already is. Along with our signature #304 corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel and protective pads, this chair is guaranteed to last you ages without losing its brand-new appeal.