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The Barcelona Daybed is an iconic piece made by one of the most recognized architectures in the mid-century modern style and it was very famous back in the days, and guess what? Still is!

Acquiring an important piece of furniture such as the Barcelona daybed is a process that can turn easier if you planning and answer a couple of questions before deciding anything. 

Today we are going to help you with this process, take a look at the questions below, it will help you to not just acquiring the Barcelona daybed but also any piece of furniture you have in mind.

Which kind of furnishing style do I want to acquire? 

Industrial, mid-century modern, minimalist, boho, etc. Depending on the selection of the style you should consider a specific store. 

For example, as the Barcelona Daybed was made influence by the mid-century modern style, you should consider stores like Barcelona Designs which offer plenty of designs related to this amazing style.

Believe it or not, currently, the mid-century modern style is a retro trend that came to stay! So by checking to websites like the one mentioned you can even take more inspirations and you will finally start the whole process of decoration.

Does the store I want to choose offer customer support? 

You may think that this is not important, but customer support makes the change!

Just try to picture the following situation: 

After some research, you finally made the decision of acquiring the Barcelona daybed in the “X” store ( X is the name of the store in the example) and you are so excited waiting in your home for the “5” days to the store deliver your piece -supposing that are five days-. 

So the 5 days have passed and you didn’t receive any message from the store, so you went to the physical store but they are closed due to quarantine… Do you imagine that desperate situation? I mean, it could be a very specific scenario, but can happen.

That said, when selecting a store to buy furniture, you should search if they offer customers and support and read a couple of reviews about it.

What budget do I have? 

Another important question you should ask before selecting the place! 

Taking the same previous example, if you want to acquire a Barcelona daybed you need to know that buying the original piece is not the only option!

What I mean is, as this piece is very asked for people due to its amazing design, you can find besides the original, replicas from it, Yes! As you heard, a great option when it comes to buying iconic furnishing is choosing reliable replicas.

So, if you have a large budget because you have to spend time-saving money for this purpose, you can opt for purchasing in the knoll store. On the other hand, if you have a smaller budget but still love classic designs, you can opt for replicas stores such as the Barcelona Designs. 

We hope we have helped you in your decision. 

Comment below which is your favorite place to acquiring replicas and original pieces!