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Dou you think that the  Barcelona Chair  is perfect? Do you think it should stay the way it is? Or doo you think it may receive some pump?

While we think that the Barcelona Chair is perfect just the way it is, there are some people trying to find some breakthrough ways to appreciate and contemplate the  Barcelona Chair. This is the case of Mike Han and Lisa Sauve. Han and Lisa are pretty clever and renowned street artists that made a name rethinking lots of item’s of the Mid Century Modern catalog. The Barcelona Chair, of course, has a special place in their work, as we can see in the photoshoots made in Hart Plaza and Lafayette Park, public spaces designed by Isamu Noguchi and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

All furniture used in this project is a product of Craiglist purchases or donations. Han and Sauve are looking to give a modern, fresh perspective of all Mid Century Modern catalog. Their project is called Discard Detroit.

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