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Fantastic table, the marble top looks and feels the real deal. We had great support over chat to schedule a postponed delivery, thanks! 🙂

Arnas V

Tulip 40″ Round Marble Dining Table



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A true icon of modernism, the Tulip Table rests upon a heavy molded aluminum cast base. This sturdy and solid base is connected to the top through a threaded rod. Finally, the Tulip Table features a Marble top with transparent polyester coating and is lacquered with a scratch and chip-resistant finish. Each feature is carefully reproduced to stay true to the original specifications.

Our Tulip table is not only a faithful interpretation of the original design but its seamless organic silhouette and groundbreaking form. True to this principle, the Tulip Table requires minimal assembly. The Tulip Table represented an evolution from the classical and boring square table into a table that made a statement of progress and modernism. Incorporate that belief in your home and office with the Tulip Table.


The Tulip Table, designed by Eero Saarinen, is a classic beauty. Its simple and sleek look stands the test of time. With a single pedestal supporting a round top, it’s a timeless piece that adds a touch of modern charm to any space.

  • Reinforced molded fiberglass base shell.
  • The marble top is finished with natural sealant.
  • The base has a 5-step powder coat resistant to chipping.
  • Overall dimensions: 30″H x 39.5″W x 39.5″D


Discover timeless elegance with the Tulip Table featuring real Carrara Marble. Crafted from this exquisite material, the table embodies sophistication. Carrara Marble’s natural beauty graces the Tulip Table, creating a stunning focal point. Elevate your space with this iconic design, marrying timeless allure and the flawless luxury of Carrara Marble.

  • Marble tabletop with beveled edge.
  • The threaded rod connects the base and tabletop.
  • Tapered cast Fiberglass heavy base with White paint.
  • Scratch and chip-resistant finish lacquer.


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