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I initially ordered the chair but I returned to order the sofa as well. These sofa are beautiful and the most comfortable.

Sonia A

To-Go Sofa Replica Fabric


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This piece has been known for more than forty years for being one of the classic sofas born from the ingenuity of Michel L as a revolutionary model in comfort and style. The timeless characteristics make it a remarkable modern sofa, which breaks the traditional schemes of the pieces within its category. This sofa is highly ergonomic and is made of multi-density and padded covers. At first glance, you can deduce that it’s a very comfortable seat, which is also visually attractive. Imagine taking a nice and restful nap on it, or having a relaxing conversation during a moment of relaxation with your guests, friends, and family. The Togo sofa is what your modern living room needs to dazzle all eyes.

Disclaimer: This product could look similar to other brands but is not manufactured or affiliated with Lignet roset or any other brand

  • Dimensions: Height: 28″, width: 70″, depth: 40″
  • Designed primarily for indoors.
  • Seat Height 14.1″

12 reviews for To-Go Sofa Replica Fabric

    Wallace G
    Easily 4/5 stars. Very competitive and stable
    John Still
    Ideal for "that" reading spot. love my ducaroy sofa fabric <3. delivery was a little delayed tho
    Michael Q.
    Love it! Even my kids recognize how good of a sofa this is. L is just great, man
    Henry T.E.
    Got myself a pair of these for my living room and now I feel very inspired every single time! lovely
    Ricardo W.
    Fast delivery, and very good customer support. Want more colors though!
    A decent alternative to the leather one! this ducaroy sofa replica is a great hidden gem
    Jeremy D.
    A massive improvement. Not satisfied with the chair? Definitely get this sofa version! L items are a delight.
    Fabiola P.
    A very competitive sofa replica! A great combo to do is L sofa + bellini sofa blue velvet
    Bernard Y.
    Got the tan italian leather one first, and then decided to get this one too. Probably my two favorite sofas ever tbh
    Michael F.
    BEAUTIFUL So glad I got these. Got two. They are gorgeous.
    Anner V.
    This couch is AMAZING. It's so beautiful and so comfortable and also does well with my dog who sheds a ton. Get it get it get it!
    Marisa S.
    The packing is thoughtful. It’s very comfortable sofa. I strongly recommend it.

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Customer reviews

Based on 12 reviews