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Svein Style Sectional Sofa

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About The Product

The Sven sectional, with its stunning top-notch tan leather upholstery with aniline texture, its spacious dimensions, and cozy proportions, is a piece that conveys elegance, good taste, and all the power of the Mid-Century Modern style. It’s available with the long cushion to the left or the right side of the piece, so you can choose the most convenient version for you and adapt it to a corner of your living room or place it in a key spot to create a visual division of the area. This is an ideal design to delimitate open-concept floor plans and large compartments. Its stylized geometric shape gives it a minimalist touch compatible with the most popular decorating trends today. Its cushions have a specially designed density to offer first-class comfort. Its sturdy wooden frame with locked corners gives it the durability and strength you need to enjoy this piece for years to come and make it a material jewel of your family.

    • The legs of this sofa are solid wood and finished in mahogany for strength and beauty.
    • Leather upholstery with cognac-colored pure aniline tan.
    • Specially kiln-dried wooden structure with locked angles to avoid accidents.
    • Designed primarily for indoors.
    • Supported by four tubular stainless steel legs
    • Seats filled with high-density foam and duck feathers.


Sven Style Sectional Sofa

  • STYLE/TYPE: Sven Style Sectional Sofa
  • GENERAL DIMENSIONS: 34″H x 100″W x 67″D

14 reviews for Svein Style Sectional Sofa

    Naldo D.
    Sven sofa sectional? well, the materials are clearly high-quality, and the sectional exudes a contemporary elegance. It's not only visually appealing but also incredibly comfortable. just wished it was even bigger
    Alejandro E.
    What truly stands out is the comfort level – it's perfect for movie nights and lazy Sunday afternoons. My satisfaction with this sectional is off the charts.
    Camila P.
    The sven sofa sectional is definitely a game-changer. love playing games while sitting on it. makes me feel more important!
    Damian W.
    Barcelona designs never dissapoint!
    Nicolly E
    A great addition to my space. the Svein sofa sectional has changed my living room for the better, into a cozy heaven. The purchase process was easy to understand, and the shipping was prompt and hassle-free. This sectional is not only stylish but incredibly functional.
    Jamie E.
    Would give it 6 or 7 stars instead!!
    Carmen and Ulisses
    The sven sofa sectional quality materials and construction are impeccable. It's a comfortable and stylish addition to our home, and we're thrilled with our purchase. Overall, our satisfaction with the sven sofa sectional is sky-high.
    Yamal L.
    I see this as a win. a hidden gem. a secret item. an alternative piece. a modern classic. The svein sofa sectional is a godsend
    Jay Peters
    Shopping for the svein sofa sectional was a delightful experience. The purchase was straightforward, and the shipping was fast and efficient.
    Edward T.
    Honest opinion and review: Bought this as a gift for my brother, but after testing it a little bit, decided to keep it for myself haha. really REALLY good sectional sofa that is a modern sofa but also a classic sofa
    Albert E.
    A very good alternative to the other more expensive sectional sofas. the leather is impressive on this one btw
    Georgina P.
    Love the svein sofa sectional! My overall satisfaction with this purchase is very high, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
    Lenny Phillips
    The sven sofa sectional is a perfect fit for my living room. The buying process was easy, and the shipping was right on time. Would love it to be even more versatile tho
    Peter and Lizz
    The Svein sofa sectional? It's incredibly comfortable, making it a fantastic addition to our home. We are thoroughly satisfied with this purchase

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Customer reviews

Based on 14 reviews