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Ducaroy Chair Replica – Cashew Brown Leather

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This piece has been known for more than forty years for being one of the classic sofas born from the ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy as a revolutionary model in comfort and style. The timeless characteristics make it a remarkable modern sofa, which breaks the traditional schemes of the pieces within its category. This sofa is highly ergonomic and is made of multi-density and padded covers. At first glance, you can deduce that it’s a very comfortable seat, which is also visually attractive. Imagine taking a nice and restful nap on it, or having a relaxing conversation during a moment of relaxation with your guests, friends, and family. The Ducaroy sofa is what your modern living room needs to dazzle all eyes.

  • Dimensions: Height: 28″, width: 34″, depth: 40″
  • Materials: Leather
  • Colors: Light Brown, Antique Brown, Antique Cashew, Antique Granite, Antique Light Brown, Antique Wheatgrass
  • Designed primarily for indoors.
  • Seat Height 14.1″

11 reviews for Ducaroy Chair Replica – Cashew Brown Leather

    I bought 2 of them because a friend recommended them to me, and I'm about to get a 3rd one because I'm in love with the design, the quality, and the vibe of this great Ducaroy chair. one of my favorites without a doubt.
    Alex Kazz
    This is a happy chair! it is perfect for relaxing after a hard day of work thanks to its shape and smoothness
    Pete Cardon
    The color and size are correct. Feels like a dream, looks kinda funny and my kids love them (I got 2 of them)
    Derek Waterson
    Fell asleep on it and it felt like my bed, it is honestly better than I expected
    Martha B
    An iconic piece that transcends time... Materials are high-quality, looks awesome, and feels even better... recommended
    Jillian G.
    this is an excellent piece to get at this price!
    Sandra G
    After some quick consults with customer support, I could order it. after a few days, it arrived in good condition, and it is quite an interesting chair that I recommend if you want a funny twist of things in your layout
    Mark Reynolds
    This is a chair that emits an aura of coolness and tranquility and my living room now reflects that - get it!
    Angel C
    This chair gives me happiness, I don't know why, but it does and I'm glad
    I couldn't believe the shape of it when I first saw it! i ordered it and I have to say it is pretty comfortable and funny looking
    Wallace King
    Possibly the most comfortable chair I've sat on
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Customer reviews

Based on 11 reviews