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About The Product

The Arco Floor Lamp is Barcelona Design’s beautiful replica of the original Arco Lamp by Achille Castiglioni. This floor lamp is nestled on a marble base from which a long, curved stainless steel arch is positioned. You can adjust the arch for it to have the reach of your preference.  The hood of the lamp accentuates the stainless steel with its semi-spherical composition. The hood is accented with holes that allow light to shine through above.

This high-quality reproduction is manufactured to almost the exact same specifications as the original lamp. All of your home lighting fixtures pale in comparison with our edition of the Castiglioni Arco floor lamp.

Own yours today and watch your room or indoor space come alive.

The details

  • Arch: Height 95"
  • Base:21.5"H x 9.5"W
  • Shade: approx 11.5" Diameter
  • Marble Base Weight approx: 160lbs
  • Iconic arch design, Castiglioni style(1962)
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • True to original: Hand cut and polished 136lb Sculptured Italian Carrara Marble base
  • True to original: 2 ½” circumference hole bored completely through the marble base.
  • True to original: 45 degrees 1” angles honed into all 8 corners, 4 on top, 4 on the bottom of marble.
  • True to original: 3 individual adjusting points in stem
  • True to original: Marble base is channel cut housing the stainless steel stem on the back side
  • Maximum arch height of lamp is 95”
  • Maximum span of lamp from marble base to reflector is 78.6”
  • Dimension of marble base 21.2" h x 9.4"
  • Electric cord with floor dimmer button for easy operation
  • 126 individual holes in aluminum heat diffuser to allow light at the top of the hood
  • Pivoting stainless steel hood measures 11.5” at its widest point
  • Soft white reflective hood interior for efficient light reflection
  • Some assembly required.


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Making The Decision

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The way the couch, the two Barcelona chairs, and two ottomans are aligned on the edges of the carpet creates a geometric look. This creates harmony, in that the configuration looks rectangular. Rectangles are simple shapes and midcentury modernism elicits simplistic takes on both the design of a room and the structure of the furniture. The Arco lamp in the right corner garnishes the read more...

About the Designer

Achille Castiglioni

Achille 1918-2002 (Italy)  - Pier Giacomo 1913-1968 (Italy)

Since 1940, Achille had dedicated himself to experimenting on industrial products with his brothers Livio (1911-1979) and Pier Giacomo. They focused on Urban Planning, Architecture and Design and worked towards developing a process of integral design. This meant considering how each component within the process would work in conjunction with one another, from the materials through to production.

“There has to be irony, both in design and in the objects. I see around me a professional disease of taking everything too seriously. One of my secrets is to joke all the time.”